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Shipping Wars by caffeinetea
Shipping Warsby caffeinetea
"Kyle, could you and whoever you're currently dating give us a demonstration of how consent works? You're dating Stan, right?" asked Mr Mackey. Before Kyle cou...
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  • southpark
  • bebestevens
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Operation: Style (COMPLETED)(South Park) {StanxKyle} by Blazedarkness
Operation: Style (COMPLETED)( Blaze
"Wendy. Eric." After saying their names, Principle Victoria looked to both teens respectably. "I hope you understand what I'm trusting you with." &qu...
  • wendytestaburger
  • candy
  • lgbt
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Colors(South Park Soulmate au) by aresgirls
Colors(South Park Soulmate au)by SOLANGELO FOREVER
This is the soulmate au where you can 't see color, besides the color of your soulmates eyes. This will be Style,Creek,Bunny,and Dip. Also Bendy(bebe x wendy)
  • southpark
  • dip
  • creek
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South Park On Crack by KrispyKrii7y
South Park On Crackby -
The Daily Conversations Between The People Of South Park. ༺🌮༻🌹༺🌮༻ <!>Disclaimer<!> ❂Characters Belong To Matt Stone And Trey Parker. ✺TV Show: South Par...
  • funny
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Best Friends?  by LivixieMar
Best Friends? by LivixieMar
Kyle's tired. Very tired. He hates how Stan clings to him while he was drunk and cries all night about why Wendy keeps on breaking up with him and why it feels like some...
  • ericcartman
  • style
  • smutonthefuture
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Soulmates | Style | South Park by ValrieJennings
Soulmates | Style | South Parkby Valrie Jennings
Everyone has a soulmate. No one will ever be told who their soulmate is, but they will meet. It's something that's certain in this world. Soulmates are connected. They c...
  • kylebrofloski
  • style
  • stanmarsh
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Before (Stan x Kyle) by Gingeveeva
Before (Stan x Kyle)by Ginger
After Butters comes out as gay Stan and Cartman start to bully him. When Kyle finds out, his friendship with Stan falls apart. Soon the whole school divides into two gro...
  • style
  • stan
  • southpark
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A Fairytale of Kyle ✔️ by KID_CIPHER
A Fairytale of Kyle ✔️by Gay Dorito
This is sorta like A Fairytale of Tweek accept beauty and the beast version. ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ •Possible bad grammar •Late on updates •BOY X BOY •Lots of sex and possibly vi...
  • cipher
  • gay
  • southpark
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Promise- A Bunny south park story  by fictionmaker123
Promise- A Bunny south park story by That Random Girl
Small, innocent, naive Butters gets a crush on the charming but perverted Kenny Mccormick. What could go wrong? Warning: may include smut, violence and other ships like...
  • pip×damien
  • fatass
  • southpark
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Love is gay |Stan x Kyle| by Yuzala
Love is gay |Stan x Kyle|by Yuzala
Stan has a hard time after breaking up with Wendy so instead, he cries to Kyle about his problems. Kyle had feelings for Stan but didn't want to show him since it would...
  • stan
  • bestfriends
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