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His Jars of Hyacinths (STYLE) by kyles_watching
His Jars of Hyacinths (STYLE)by KYLE!!1!💯💯
hanahaki AU‼️ (they're aged up🙀) stan x kyle fanfic ft: STYLE hints of BUNNY hints of CREEK angsty lmao :3 south park au⁉️ enjoy<3
Records ☆ || Style  by tubjokes4life
Records ☆ || Style by Soup !
Stan Marsh is a boy who loves music. He's always been interested in it. He has only 2 friends, Kenny Mccormick and Eric Cartman. A new boy arrives at South Park and Sta...
the boy who came from outer space by sapphire_in_the_moon
the boy who came from outer spaceby sapphire moon
kyle is kite alien from outer space, though none of his friends knows about this odd fact. during the night he finds himself becoming his alter ego 'the human kite', p...
south park chatfic by tweeksaugust
south park chatficby leial
i dont see enough of these (i dont even search 😁)
I'm Jealous (Stan x Kyle) by kyletolkien2369
I'm Jealous (Stan x Kyle)by KEN!!!!!
Recently, Kyles been feeling jealous of his own best friends girlfriend. He couldn't think of a reason why, but every time Stan would talk about her; he would feel mad a...
Starless nights | a South Park Style fanfiction by crowsam
Starless nights | a South Park crowsam
"Whoa." Stan exhales in a shaky breath, similar to when he'd read about wings in the book back in hell. Although this isn't a book. He isn't a book, he's real...
south park chatfic  by cupiidschokeholdd
south park chatfic by codemeister
ntw they're like aged up here cuz they say bad words and stuff so it makes sense for them not to be 4th grade ykno uhhh i got bored and decided to write smth after a yea...
South Park Chats // South Park // z4ndil3  by z4ndil3_
South Park Chats // South zio ⭐!
This story is conversations between characters from South Park. From group chats to private dms they start drama and chaos. I tried my best to make the characters act li...
South Park Style smut by tweektweak4263
South Park Style smutby Ash✨
just as the title says NSFW
Cravings (STYLE) by kyles_watching
Cravings (STYLE)by KYLE!!1!💯💯
(Stan x Kyle) vampire AU. When both death reports and missing peoples cases start rising in South Park, suspicions are spreading like disease, and rumours are the number...
South Park Oneshots  by RitaMandylor
South Park Oneshots by Rita Fleck
Just Some South Park one shots and film AUʼs including a lot of 𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞. But you may find a bit of; 🦋 Creek 🦋 Bunny 🦋Kyman🦋 Bendy [And more] ✨just enjoy✨
Before (Stan x Kyle) by Gingeveeva
Before (Stan x Kyle)by Ginger
After Butters comes out as gay Stan and Cartman start to bully him. When Kyle finds out, his friendship with Stan falls apart. Soon the whole school divides into two gro...
The virus (a SouthPark fanfic) by MaplePocky_Bunny
The virus (a SouthPark fanfic)by 🌸Maple🌸
It was a another boring day at SouthPark elementary when the students were made aware of something that sent shivers down there spins. Only one question filled there...
South park chatfic🙀🙀🙀🙀 by Gremlinfac3
South park chatfic🙀🙀🙀🙀by Gremlinfac3
I don't see enough of these so I made one😼 (their all aged up to 15 except younger siblings like Ike, Tricia, and karen)
make a wish - stan x kyle by jaimi6969
make a wish - stan x kyleby jaimi6969
stan x kyle none of the art is mine!
Super Best Friends. // Style, South Park fic by Oh_Honey01
Super Best Friends. // Style, Jeremyah
The south park kids are now in high school. With every passing day, Kyle Broflovski becomes more aware of his crush on his super best friend, Stan Marsh. There's a probl...
Crush [Stan x Kyle] Style by S1yl3_s1mps
Crush [Stan x Kyle] Styleby Ender :)
Stan breaks up with Wendy for the final time because he discovers his new feelings for someone else. High-school AU (their all in 12th grade) Style fanfic kyle x Stan I...
truth or dare || south park || by SOUTHPARKCRAIG
truth or dare || south park ||by SOUTHPARKCRAIG
in South Park, Colorado, a few friends and a simple game could change their friendship forever. this is my first story and probably really bad 🤷‍♂️ I GUESS NOT BECAUSE...
"Don't get my hopes up..." by ImVeryCool_Not
"Don't get my hopes up..."by Chelsy Knox
This is a style fic I made cuz I was bored and just a little bit of creek. 😋<3 BTW IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ORIGNAL ARTIST FOR THE TITLE PICTURE PLS TELL ME I changed the...
Super Best Friends? Stan x Kyle (style) by Ray_Pist
Super Best Friends? Stan x Kyle ( Ray_Pissed
Meet Stan and Kyle. Two boys who have been best friends since they were in diapers. They grew up playing together, sharing secrets, and dreaming about their futures. But...