Step 21: The Oblivious Ones

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Do you have a person or persons in your class that is so oblivious that you wonder if they will ever pass high school or for a matter of fact Uni?

Today was our return day from winter break so sad missed you vacay time and my first day back was okay until last period boo we got assigned spots and everything and you know what's better I was assigned with the best person ever * note sarcasm*.Yups so I just sat their like a loser cause that's how cool I am :3

Scenario 1

Teacher: Half the class okay that's one group the other half of the class okay that's the other group. Okay let's play charades.

You: Why? We have assignments and test let's work on that *groan*

Teacher: Assemble students

You: *groan* and then we can join the army too *sarcasm*

The oblivious one: *points to you* Let's have her be the actually never mind

You: He does realize I am right in front of him right?

O.O: Okay you go *points to another kid*

Another kid: Fine *starts acting*

You: Stupid class stupid kids stupid school *muttering*

O.O: Okay a vial no a bird no a plane

You: Is it I dunno *sarcasm* superman?

Another kid: Actually yes

You: *groan* Oblivious ones

O.O: Okay I'll go next

*15 mins later*

O.O: *looks at you* You were here?

You: No shit!

O.O: Oh! *walks away*

Another kid: *walks up to you* Wait! You were here?

O.O: Yes *yells* NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!

I hate the oblivious ones. Advice next time they are around:

1. Dance like a weirdo so they notice you

2. Talk very loud so they hear you

3. Slap 'em silly so they know you exist

4. Do gangam style ;)

5. Start singing one direction

6. Poke them continuously

7. Stare at them like a stalker

8. Slap their ass

9. Ask them, "You were here?"

10. Piss 'em off

Hopefully now those stupid oblivious kids will know you exist if not try one of these steps. If still they don't think you exist worst comes to worst dance gangam style on their hospital bed ;)

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