Step 16: @ The Mall- Part 1

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Have you ever been to the mall or a movie theatre and met someone from your school? Sometimes it's your friend and you have a nice chat with them but sometimes things get downright annoying or awkward. Sometimes you meet people you've only seen and sometimes you meet someone from your grade whom you hardly talk to as I said AWKWARD and really annoying. The worst part is when your with your fam and the person is with their friends. MORE ANNOYING!! How about if you met the annoying stalker from your school?

Scenario 1 

You: Walking around in the mall with your mom

Annoying Classmate: Hi Hi I didn't know your here. Why are you here?

You: I'm shopping why else? Um- I got to

AC: That's so awesome I never thought you would be here. Hmm... Who are you here with?

You: My mom now I really have to-

AC: What stores are you going to? What will you buy?

You: Umm... That's a little personal isn't

AC: I'm going to sports check and then maybe...

You: OK well I have to go now

AC: Yeah well looks like my mom is calling me we should chat later you talk a lot bye

You: WTF I wanted to leave*scowl* and *smile* Ciao loser 

Gaaah! Losers Okay how about we try again in scenario 2

Scenario 2

You: Walking around in the mall with your mom

AC: Hi Hi I didn't know you were here?

You: I didn't know you were here either. CIAO!! *now run away*

AC: But wait-

You: Yes

AC: So what are you doing?

You: Start dancing gangam style 

AC: What are you doing?

You: na na na na na *Start singing*

AC: Umm..

You: Slowly exit while doing a Michael Jackson moon walk

AC: Will eventually leave. Who want to be seen in public with a loser right? *inside joke*

But sometimes annoying people aren't just in malls how about if they are sitting right beside you in your favorite movie. 

*****coming soon****** Enjoy the preview of this chappie first. After 10 votes and 5 comments I will upload part 2. 

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