Step 22: The Jerks/Jocks

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Disclaimer: Everything written in my book is totally foolproof and is advised to be used in your daily life. If used this book will change your life in good or mostly bad ways. This book is not based on real life events or events doing with the authors life nor the authors school although that WOULD be a good reference. This book is mostly for the enjoyment, entertainment and pleasure of the readers. Enjoy! For further entertainment click the vote button up their and comment if you may would be greatly appreciated.

Me: Who has those jackass jerks in their class who are also jocks?

Another kid: I do

Me: Me too and they are the most annoying THINGS (my reference) in the world

Another Kid: I agree

Me: They are everywhere like ants no matter how much you step on them they reappear (okay I am not an animal hater but it's just a reference)

Another kid: I hate them sometimes they are nice but they act like you don't exist and waste YOUR time in class

Me: Agreed! They are everywhere with their crap personalities

Another kid: Eesh tell me about it!

Me: Oh I will! ;) In my school just saying but their is no real boy

Another kid: Poor you *pats my shoulder*

Me: Gets all dramatic and starts pouring fake tears with a fake handkerchief

Another kid: Oh there there *pats back* Start the chapter your fans are waiting

Me: Oh yes *gets all happy* I almost forgot :D

Scenario 1

You: Sitting in class copying notes

Jock/Jack/Jerk: So teacher what is 4x2/2?

Teacher: That is the question on the board but don't worry we will review it if you don't understand

You: Stupid kid that is just what we learnt *mumbles*

Teacher: So first you use BEDMAS

JJJ: Wait what's BEDMAS?

You: Stupid kid have you not passed grade 6 *mumbles*

Teacher: First you do the brackets, then exponents, then division, multiplication...

JJJ: But teacher what is exponents?

You: Dumbass kid even a piece of shit is smarter than you and you say your in grade 9? *mumbles*

Teacher: So exponents...

You: Dumber teacher he still bothers to explain and this kid here is perfectly normal yet he doesn't know exponents in grade 9? *mumbles*

Teacher: Now we have exponents let's start with division

JJJ: Wait I forgot division

Teacher: So division...

You: *this time shouts mentally* Dumbass child! How old are you? What grade are you in? You talk about messi all day and don't know stupid division. Who raised you? Gaaaah! I wish - *bell rings*

You: But teacher we didn't do anything in class

Teacher: Next time

You *mumbles* Jerk jack jock kids who are so dumb they probably can't spell their own name.

JJJ: Did you say something?

You: Nope :D *mumbles* Oh so now you notice me?

Let's face it this one is a toughy and the only way for you to get rid of them is. Well their are barely any ways so I will list five but I may get feisty jks that's weird.

1. Slap them silly both mentally and physically if possible

2. Shout at them both mentally and physically if possible

3. Piss them off in any which way

4. Pretend you are in la la land so that you don't hear what they say

5. Make cruel faces behind their back and in front of their face if possible

Well, that's all I got to tell you the truth if I knew a way to get rid of these because trust me plenty of 'em or scattering the halls of my school right now I would have done so already *mischievous smile*

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