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Ms. PSG and The President's Son (a Sandro Marcos Fanfiction) by psychfate
Ms. PSG and The President's Son ( psychfate
Protecting the first family never crossed her mind. Charlie Marie or Charlie as everyone around called her is just one simple yet brave young soldier. She's living the l...
We Meet Again / Sandro Marcos Fanfic by dgdanico
We Meet Again / Sandro Marcos dgdanico
Catherine Alexandria Galvez, A Student from Ilocos Sur who's studying in the University of London to pursue her dream to become a Doctor and serve her country Philippine...
My Sister's Fiance is In love with me  by sandwomarcos7
My Sister's Fiance is In love Sandromarcos_28
Eloise sister's fiance is in love with her and she doesn't know what to do. Eloise is a simple yet elegant girl living her best life in New York city she has older sis...
Sandro my Love by Mayodeep
Sandro my Loveby Mayodeep
"Sandro Marcos, one of the top and famous bachelors in the Philippines, son of the President and a Congressman in Ilocos. despite being famous Sandro's lovelife wa...
Hate By my Parents  by bbmlomy
Hate By my Parents by jxxvvxxk
hi I'm Maria Emelia Louise A. Marcos I'm the only daughter of Bongbong Marcos and Liza Marcos Galit sakin Ang mga magulang ko Hindi ko alam Kung bakit pero simula pagk...
EX WIFE(BBMSARA FANFIC) by bongettmarcos
sara and bongbong are married and they live in the same house, rodrigo is still the president, sara's father.
The Descendant: A Marcos Fanfiction by msjessiewrites
The Descendant: A Marcos Fanfictionby Ms. Jessie
Mula nang iwanan sila ng kanilang padre de pamilya, nagsumikap si Julianne para iangat ang buhay ng kanilang pamilya. Kasama ang kanyang ina, parehas nilang itinataguyod...
"Sandro Marcos in loved in a minor girl" by Sandro_ily2
"Sandro Marcos in loved in a Sandro_07
Sandro Marcos in love in a minor girl My first love and my last
Danica pauleen celestino isang college student na unti unting maiinlove sakanyang strict at cold professor na si bongbong Marcos
Hater to lover  by _chmbbypark
Hater to lover by Abby gail Marquez
Pwede pa kayang bumalik sa nakaraan?Yung nakaraang ayos pa lahat? Enjoy😛 (This is a short story)
bongleni oneshots! by Imeeandu
bongleni oneshots!by may :)
A bunch of bongleni stories that are written in English but have Tagalog dialogue! Mga bes katuwaan lang toh gusto ko lang po ang mag sulat in general promise Message...
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The Unexpected Blessing / Sandro Marcos FanFic by dgdanico
The Unexpected Blessing / Sandro dgdanico
Athena Jane Leal Argel or AJ a Graduating College student who has a huge crush on Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Araneta Marcos III, eldest son of Vice President...
Long Lost Daughter by thycelestia_
Long Lost Daughterby Celestia
A mother who's longing for her daughter's love & presence. After a decade, will they be able to find her? Will they be able to reconcile again? Should Irene Marcos, wil...
Amando Familia by Emanuelleeee17
Amando Familiaby Gemmm_17
"She loves you so much that she's willing to accept me, your biggest mistake. Just to make you happy" It's a story about Gianna Louise Araneta, daughter of Nad...
Faked by penpaperandk
Fakedby K
Sara Duterte has always been in love with her husband, Bongbong, even though she knew that he doesn't see her as a woman and she's being mistreated. She's desperately tr...
when the alpha meets the sigma.. Sigma males prefer stable, lasting and trustful relationships instead of hookups. If you're dating one, in all likelihood, he told you t...
MR. PERFECT (Sandro Marcos) by zadieees
MR. PERFECT (Sandro Marcos)by Scheherazade
What would happen if two people who belong to different worlds with different personalities meet with each other? Is this a start of a love story?
Office Romance is a NO-NO! (JSAM) by Luckily0896
Office Romance is a NO-NO! (JSAM)by Luckily0896
Story of two people with different personalities who met each other accidentally (?) What would be their reaction if they found out they were in the same arranged marria...
Hold on Sievel  by Premature15
Hold on Sievel by Jhastine Jane Tan
Sievel a born Man Hater, She doesn't date men of even like men, not because she have strict Parents but she doesn't like dating.But one dream changed that do you think...