Step 1: Annoying Ad people on the phone Part 1

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Don't you hate it when Air duct cleaning calls you like every single day. NOBODY CARES WE ARE NEVER GOING TO USE YOU!!! Well here's scenario 1: You deaf?

*Phone rings*

You: Hello

Air Duct: (They don't care if you're a kid they are still going to call you m'am or sir) Hello m'am how are you?

You: I'm okay

Air duct: Is the home owner available to speak too?

You: I'm okay

Air Duct: Um... M'am is the home owner available?

You: Yes it's great weather outside.

Air Duct: Yes we have many new offers to make your day shining.

You: You are a(Say something in a different language) 

Air Duct: Excuse me m'am

You: Yeah you can't touch this. (Start singing) 

*Slowly the phone will be disconnected and if you're luck they will never call again :)* Here's a little incident that happened with my mom it wasn't Telus btw I don't remember the name. 

Sales Person: Hello m'am we have some new Telus offers we are offering an iPhone for $45.50 with a 3 year plan.

Mom: I'm busy at this moment

Sales Person: (Angry and shouting) Can you tell me why?

Mom: I don't have to tell you anything (Screams)

Sales Person: (Taken aback) Oh ok thank you for your...umm time

Mom: Slams the phone down. 

*Oh yeah she's so coool that way. lmao

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