John Stones One Shots  by j0hnstones
John Stones One Shots by j0hnstones
A collection of short John Stones one shots.
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The Infinity Stones | Peter Parker x Reader by Marvel_Lover_24
The Infinity Stones | Peter Marvel_Lover_24
You and Peter Parker have been best friends sense the 1st grade. Time flew by but no matter what you and Peter stuck together through thick and thin. It's been a year se...
  • firststory
  • beginning
  • comedy
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Sticks and Stones • Park Jimin by xgoldenxmaknaex
Sticks and Stones • Park Jiminby not in the moo(k)d
"But words will never hurt me." in which those words are a lie //trigger warning// bullying #SerendipityAwards
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The Reality Is (Peter Parker x OC) by kat_lv
The Reality Is (Peter Parker x OC)by Kat VanBourgondien
"We're superheroes, Parker, and we have a responsibility to uphold." After the events of Civil War, Violet Stark had been assigned to watch over the newest her...
  • avengers
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The Lost And The Broken (Guardians Of The Galaxy: Rocket FF) by MadQueenMax
The Lost And The Broken ( Depressed
Dracora Liax is a young female bounty hunter and assassin, the last of her kind. The Faunus, they were a small caring species that lived on a small planet named Panora...
  • infinity
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∞ | John Stones by brandtt
∞ | John Stonesby gabby
John Stones meets his teammate and close friend Zack Duerr's sister Grace and it all goes crazy from there
  • walker
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  • manchestercity
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The Other Titan | 2 by Sweet_Sydney14
The Other Titan | 2by Sweet_Sydney14
"STOP!" Ori shouted, "you're hurting him!" Thanos turned towards his daughter. A smirk on his face. "Sympathy," Thanos pushed the Infinit...
  • lost
  • stones
  • team
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He's a Rainbow/ Mick Jagger  by classicfangirl777
He's a Rainbow/ Mick Jagger by Mia Marie
The story of Carol, the 17 year old daughter of the manager of The Rolling Stones. It's 1969 and Carol; coming from her strict and religious mothers house goes to live...
  • rock
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My Highlander >> by xoWATERLILLYox
My Highlander >>by 🌕Padfoot was here🌕
The year is 1939, 18 year old English Rose, Britannia is visiting Scotland with her father, a crippled ex-soldier and a renowned historian who takes his daughter to Inve...
  • highlands
  • wwii
  • ww2
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The Black Angel ( An Avengers Fan-Fiction) by CamariMarvel
The Black Angel ( An Avengers Marvel targaryen
Black Angel is the newest member to The Avengers Initiative. With powers un-introduced to her team and even herself. Angel doesn't know where she is from, or who she is...
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Supposed hatred  by tfinos2764
Supposed hatred by Abbie xx
Hope Lingard and Jamie Stones are supposed to hate each other. However in this modern world things don't always turn out like they are supposed to... They are the kids o...
  • crush
  • walker
  • friendship
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Gatiens: Rules of the Legends by H1ROTSG
Gatiens: Rules of the Legendsby H1ROTSG
Before the end of the War of the Six Kingdoms, The Ruler used the Rules of the Legends to end the war, split all of the Orders into five persons. When the second war beg...
  • reflectors
  • mystery
  • magic
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Mick Jagger; IMAGINES by Cerambycidae
Mick Jagger; IMAGINESby 🕯🕰
  • stones
  • rock
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Mick Jagger Imagines by evaoli
Mick Jagger Imaginesby 𝐞 𝐯 𝐚 𝐨 𝐥 𝐢
imagines of a young mick jagger x
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Friends Don't (John Stones)  by F1Princess_
Friends Don't (John Stones) by F1Princess_
'Friends don't call you in the middle of the night, couldn't even tell you why, they just felt like saying hi' Skye Davies and John Stones have been best friends from b...
  • team
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The Rolling Saviours  by LucyBoal
The Rolling Saviours by Mrs Jack Rackham
All Alyssa has known is abuse since her mother left and her father turned to alcohol and beating her to forget his own pain. Music is her escape from his abuse but she h...
  • stones
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Lost in Space by CamLuv_TomHolland
Lost in Spaceby TheMarvelQuackson
What happened to everyone who disappeared after Thanos' snap? What if there was a 10th realm? To be precise the soul world. You were one of the people that disappeared l...
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Rocks + Zhong Chenle by jeonhyucks
Rocks + Zhong Chenleby gyun ♡
"People throw rocks at things that shine and darling, you're like the sun, stars and moon that shines b...
  • rocks
  • shortstory
  • angst
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Meet My Demons. by DestinyJagger
Meet My DestinyJagger
He was Keith Richards, the biggest rock and roller of the 60s. She was Lilac Morrison, day time worker in New York. But they both have something in common, they both sha...
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The Chosen One ✓ by --nemo--
The Chosen One ✓by Nim's
The choice was never hers to make. It was hers to accept. ❝ It's weird, isn't it? You know you have to do it. You know how to do it. But yet, you still can't do it. ❞ F...
  • decisions
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