Step 12: Annoying Teacher Part 2

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I am going to dedicate each of my chappies to my readers so lucky you if you get dedicated. Hope you like it :)


Gaaah! Sometimes teachers can be your worst enemy. If only if only their were some more ways to get rid of those annoying teachers.

"Student please define annoying teacher."

"Gladly! An annoying teacher is one who talks non-stop, doesn't listen to the kids opinions, gets you in trouble for nothing and the list could go on."

"Student how do you get rid of an annoying teacher?"

"Using scenario 1." :)

Scenario 1

You: waiting in the classroom for the teacher to come

Teacher: Hello class *wheeze* today we will *wheeze* learn about

You: Wheezing?

Teacher: *wheeze* no! We will learn about youtube without actually using it

You: Awwwwwww. This teacher is so annoying. Time passes on like centuries while she tempts you with youtube without avtually being able to use it. Dayumn!

If only this teacher could become less annoying.

"But student she can."


"Using scenario 2 duh!"

Scenario 2

You: waiting for the teacher to come

Teacher: *wheeze* hello *wheeze* class today we will learn about *wheeze* youtube

You: Yeah yeah I know without actually using it continue

Teacher: :o

Teacher: Okay let's review some popular tools on youtube

You: Teacher Teacher I'm eh eh! Choking

Teacher: Runs over

Teacher: How you didn't eat anything?

You: Oh! Um did I say choke I meant- erm! Dying!

Teacher: But you are to young to die?

You: Erm as One Direction says live while we're young. I have uh-uh-uh nosebleed

Teacher: Where? I don't see anything.

You: (Squeeze some Ketchup or fake blood) How about now?

Teacher: Oh! Now I see it let's get you to the nurse

You: No-no- nooooo I want you to aid me with tissues

Teacher: But-

You: Oh! Look at the time class is over. Ok bye!

Teacher: How about your nose bleed-choke-dying?

You: All better ciao! Mademoiselle

Teacher: That was a mix of spanish and french

You: I know see you tomorrow

Muhahahahahaha class is over in this little scenario. Maybe next time you can try fainting or falling or bruising or periods!?! :o

Should I have a part 3 for this chappie?

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