Step 2: Annoying Ad People on the Phone Part 2

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My favorite one I haven't used it yet beware sales people. Scenario 2: You no english?

*Phone rings*

You: Hello?

Sales Person: We have new deals from Rogers starting at only $5.95

You: Bonjour. Et-tu aimes pizza?

S.P: Pardon 

You: Hola commo estas (in very bad spanish)

S.P: Do you speak english?

You: Yes I do

S.P: Is the home owner available?

You: I am the homeowner

S.P: Ok? Are you interested in our new Samsung Galaxy.

You: (Start swearing in spanish) and slam the phone down.

Hey! You just got rid of them. If you don't have a whole lotta time skip to the swearing and slam the phone always works. 

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