Hugot Ng Bitter by astraealidocious
Hugot Ng Bitterby Azrael
Crdts to the owner of some hugots in here
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What Hetalians Think Of Or Do by Investigator_Kaz_APH
What Hetalians Think Of Or Doby Investigators Khaye and Kazas...
What do we, Hetalians think of during history class? Or when we come across a conversation with one of our favorite countries? I'll put it here! You all can give me sugg...
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Fairy tail lemon scenes by anonymouse2383
Fairy tail lemon scenesby anonymouse2383
Random 1 shots Pls don't read if u dunno what lemon is and you haven't been given "the talk" Taking request! Pls comment
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i still did anyways. ; a tracob story ; caotico- ; (COMPLETED)  by caotico-
i still did anyways. ; a tracob lex :/
wrong number ? more like cucumber um okay ...
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So Much Better by AngelaShakur
So Much Betterby AngelaShakur
She lived down hall, I've never seen her eyes and all I've heard her say is "Please don't!" or "Stop!". It's always been like this, I honestly don't...
  • novel
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Where the Consoles Lead, The Heart Will Follow by DakotaUnderw00d
Where the Consoles Lead, The Samantha Gross
Jackie Waters is a 15 year old prodigy, specializing mostly in video games but gifted in many other talents as well. She is given the opportunity to finally leave the gr...
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A good day to die by Intothemoonlicht
A good day to dieby Intothemoonlicht
Life in Locksley was easy, until the sheriff and Guy of Gisborne ruined everything. They killed your mother and took all freedom away. Its horrible, until Robin Hood and...
  • sheriff
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Dawn (BBC Robin Hood Fanfic) by limegreengummiebears
Dawn (BBC Robin Hood Fanfic)by Jamie Patrick
"Robin, she's gone." When Julia Montgomery mysteriously appears in the Sherwood Forest, her world changes. When she meets Famed Robin Hood and his men she fall...
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WillDip/BillDip [ONE-SHOTS?] by _-Lost_Interest-_
WillDip/BillDip [ONE-SHOTS?]by アエシャ
I don't even know how many chapters I could even write.Not to mention I can't even write properly like seriously.I cant,So please understand!Oh!,And also the main reason...
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~Garden~ {UNDERTALE} {Sans X Frisk} by beaniebamboo
~Garden~ {UNDERTALE} {Sans X Frisk}by Womp
Frisk was just an ordinary girl from the surface and she had only heard of monsters in her fairy tale books. She just turned 18, and still, she had a fight with her pare...
  • suicide
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Phan One-Shots by CourageousWatson
Phan One-Shotsby Gracie
dan and phil one shots | some may be triggering |
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A Quiverful of Robin Hood by jadey36
A Quiverful of Robin Hoodby jadey36
A collection of Robin Hood one-shots, ficlets, drabbles, poems and more.
  • armitage
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100 Things To Do When You're Bored [Completed] by SmuryCandyfloss
100 Things To Do When You're xx_nay.nay_xx
Bored? Then just read this book. This will give you 100 ideas to do when you're bored and if not, well you read my book. Sit back, relax and enjoy. [Completed]
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France x Reader by blueladybug1
France x Readerby Lillie Waters
Francis Bonnefry is a young, prestigious, single, charming doctor at a famous hospital, Hetalia Health Care. When a depressed, slightly grumpy, and irritable young teena...
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The Akatsuki Child by Red_Panda-kun_love
The Akatsuki Childby Tay
Who would've thought a group if s- ranked killers would have a child, now its not their child, but its their- Agh dont know hiw to explain JUST READ MY PANDA-CHANS!!!!!
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Honey Senpai x reader  by SebaCielFangirl11
Honey Senpai x reader by NativeAmerica🐺
One chapter of you and honey Senpai! Bloody hell, why does he have to be so cute?! I don't understand it! UGH UGH UGH SO CUTE
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Undertale X reader oneshots by Phantom_Chan
Undertale X reader oneshotsby The Queen
Yeah buddy! Oneshots! Post what or who you want or maybe even a character X character?! X3 This should be a sans X reader oneshots instead lol
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Mother The Living God!!!:) by _CRYPTIC_SOLANKIAN_
Mother The Living God!!!:)by Sejal Solanki.
Here you might come across some poems related to mothers. The relationship between mother and her surrounding!!!:)
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My Poetry by ArtilianaShot2016
My Poetryby Art Shot The Gem Nerd Lover
The words of few are strong.
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Random encounters with my crush.  by Muriel_Thompson03
Random encounters with my crush. by Muriel_Thompson03
Me. Dying internally. While casually talking to my crush. Good talk! Bye!
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