Step 20: The WANNABEES

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Do you have this person or persons in your school who is the WANNABEE. Everyday they want to be someone new. They love copying if the like you then they wannabee U they have know personality of their own what so ever other then they want to be just like you which can get very annoying at times.

Scenario 1

You: Eating snacks by your locker

Wannabee: Hi oh wow I like your locker oooh and the decorations.

You: Um er... thanks

W: No probs wow what are you wearing? It's so cute.

You: Um clothes

W: I know but from where?

You: (store name)

W: Wow I love that store

You: Really?

W: Yups I'm going there tonight

You: Well have fun I guess

W: I will *mischievous smile*

Scenario 2 *Next Day*

You: Waiting by your locker

Wannabee: Look at my new outfit

You: Woah! that's just like mine

W: I know I loved yours so I bought one just like it and see these pictures

You: These are our class pictures?

W: Yup and see all the outfits you are wearing

You: Um...yeah

W: I bought them all with the same shoes and jewelry

You: Are you trying to clone me?

W: No I just want to be YOU!!

You: Should I be freaking out?

W: Nope instead we should be best of friends

You: I'm good

W: Okay bff *air punch*

Scenario 3 *Next Day*

You: Sitting at your lunch table with your friends

Wannabee: Can I join you?

Friends: Sure

You: No

W: We should all be bff's

Friends: Okay

You: No

W: Yeahhh!!!

Friends: Yeahhhh!!

You: Nooooo My life is doomed for ever I want to DIEEEEEE

Now friends or should I say mates what should you do to get rid of a wannabee? Tell me in the comments and I'll use one idea to complete my chapter btw the persons idea I use they get dedicated.

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