Step 7: Annoying Celebrities/ Will they ever shut up?

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I hate these celebrities. Any suggestion? Btw they are not ranked only suggested as will they ever shut up and get a life.

1. The Jonas Brothers: Will they every shut up? They sing like girls and have stupid accents. Are they even singers or disney stars?

2. Miley Cyrus: I admit I used to like her when she was young and then she grew up and became a stripper, alcoholic slut. I don't get why she dies her hair for cancer and she sooo ugly. Get a life!

3. George W. Bush: He ruint America. Literally, he f*cked it then left. What the hell! And then he ran again thinking he would win. Pishhh get a life. 

4. Snooki: I don't like her. Her appearance her personality and her in general. She is whore and a slut. I rank her as will she ever shut up.

5. Kim Kardashian: She's pretty but that girl is such a slut. She became famous through a SEX TAPE. Wtf! I don't like her. I rank her as will she ever shut up. She also has a fake ass family who don't even know anything about each other. She is a plastic surgery junkie and is just hungry fro money.

6. Rebecca Black: So annoying she wrote a song about Friday wtf its such shit. The lyrics make no sense and she sings like a pig. She is an annoying little bratt.

7. Britney Spears: Is a queen alcoholic. She dances naked, flashes photographers and lost her kid to K.Fed. That means she's had 3 different kids with 3 different men. Slut alert!

8. Megan Fox: Is weird, overrated, a Jessica Simpson wannabe and a trashy tramp.

9: Lady Gaga: Dresses up like shit. She is practically a chemical soup with all the stuff she puts on that ugly face. She makes me wanna puke and dresses up like animals. No wonder people are hungry around the world. Wtf is with her name she is like a little kid who can't get enough attention.

10. Kristen Stewart: A horrible actress she can't act. She's so ugly and pale that people run from her. Robert Pattison is her perfect match because he's worse.

11. Eminem: His music isn't even singing. It's just singing crap and swearing practically. He so ungrateful for what he has now such as mansions and all this money and is always complaining in his music or f*cking the world. 

12. Demi Lovato: Sings crap. Is pissed at Taylor Swift because Selena Gomez liked her more. She's a major flop and such a wannabe.

13. Michael Jackson: Yeah! Yeah! He was famous and all but look at his white pale face and screwed up nose. He keeps molesting his kids. Get a life and shut up!

14. Lindsay Lohan: Annoying, ugly and stupid. She is useless as an actress. She makes the most beautiful people lists but she should make the most annoying people's list instead. 

*I could go on but for now that's it. 

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