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The Bad Boy Calls Me Princess by DorkQueen667
The Bad Boy Calls Me Princessby Aaiyana🤓🖤
Grace Braxton isn't your typical girl. She doesn't really get noticed by most people at school and she'd prefer to stay at home playing cards than going to high school p...
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Save Me, Alpha by TheSolarEclipse
Save Me, Alphaby Eclipse R. W.
"Okay, so say that, metaphorically, I rejected you. What would you do?" - When Autumn Stephenson's life is turned upside down by her selfish Alpha, she deems...
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
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State Your Claim by PaigeMcCormack
State Your Claimby Paige McCormack
When Werewolf Calla, has to be sent on a mission, by her father, as a female she has to obey. The females are feild agents, and complete missions for the males. When Cal...
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Love is a Weakness by papez123
Love is a Weaknessby Paige
Hitomi Taki is planning on being one of the greastest Shinobi there ever was. She won't let anything get in her way. Not even fluffy bunnies. She has no intentions on fa...
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I'm a rogue, he's an Alpha, did I mention he's my mate? by NalaShadowhunter
I'm a rogue, he's an Alpha, did I...by NalaShadowhunter
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All Of The Little Things {DDLB} by MeXagainstXtheXworld
All Of The Little Things {DDLB}by MeXagainstXtheXworld
"Asa, you need to listen to Daddy," Joel Murdock warned. Asa Finch barely spared him a glance. "I'm not Asa. I'ma Dinosaur." "Asa... I won't a...
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peppa pig x mike wazowski by cryingunderthesheets
peppa pig x mike wazowskiby 🅱
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Surviving School by Megnets
Surviving Schoolby Megan
After Maggie Jones' School was involved in a shooting that shook the country, her parents decide to pack up everything and move into the state of Wisconsin in hopes of h...
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Taekook One Shots And Stories by jdcrystal
Taekook One Shots And Storiesby jojocookie1229
Different Stories that is made from my very imagination. This may contain the following: *Fluff *Angst *Sm-t *And many more.
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Fury Or Fire | Firestar and Tigerstar X Reader | Warriors by HolographicTears
Fury Or Fire | Firestar and Tigers...by 𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞
You have been forced to flee your home and kin in the twoleg streets. Lost, weak and hungry, you stumble upon the territories of the warrior cats' clans. You've arrived...
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Mascarade by erenwen
Mascaradeby erenwen
Okay, so what I seemed to be missing was a vampire fanfic... THE most basic kind of fanfiction there is. So please, enjoy! Classical vampirexvampire hunter story! Or is...
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Don't leave me. Ever... by SexyPokemonTrainer
Don't leave me. Ever...by Andy
Blake being the sexy party boy he is soon introduced to Brooke, a girl who his friends mocked everyday. Once Blake starts to get to know Brooke he soon realized how much...
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Drawings and Stuff by MarsLy2
Drawings and Stuffby MarsLy
The name is self explanatory. I feel confident in my dog pics ˶ ❛ ^ ❛ ˶
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Behind the Jersey by KTwiggy_Love
Behind the Jerseyby Twiggy
Picture this: 1.)You are a girl who plays football 2.) Your one of the star players in the team 3.) No one except your best friend Ray knows you're a girl on the team. N...
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M E L A N C H O L Y / /  J O J I  M I L L E R by jojisexual
M E L A N C H O L Y / / J O J I...by Make up is fucking great for...
"You see all of those stars up there, Y/N?" he asked me, his deep brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight, a frown on his careworn face. I nodded, looking up at...
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More then friends?  by IwasLeftCoochieFlap
More then friends? by ✨Haikyuu_Hoe✨
Oikawa becomes more and more distracted by iwazumi until it all comes crashing down during a match. Iwa spends the night with oikawa to calm him down.
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All The Roasts by Artistic_Demigod
All The Roastsby Invisible
Razzeldazzel salty boi!!!!!! (Yeet) Good, now that I've gotten your attention, here's the real description 😅😎😋 I'm salty and tired. This is the product. These might o...
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Randomness 4 by Alpha_Sapphire_
Randomness 4by Sapphy
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ALLURA! ( face claims. ) by alteacommunity
ALLURA! ( face claims. )by voltron!
❝ YOUR EARS... THEY'RE HIDEOUS!❞ in which we find you animated face claims for your stories!
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