Body Rock 3: Take My Hand by doeneseya
Body Rock 3: Take My Handby doeneseya
Maybe Justin doesn't know Marissa as well as he thought. Maybe Marissa isn't as strong as she seems. Some surprises pop up that neither Justin or Marissa are ready for...
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Take Me Home {Completed} by TheRiverRunsDeep
Take Me Home {Completed}by Savvy
"Please . . . don't cry. You had to have known I'd do this at some point." *** Parker Sims is the class clown but that doesn't mean he's easy to fool. And tha...
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Covers Up For Adoption by Thunder105411
Covers Up For Adoptionby Rose
You are allowed to request covers I will also help you make them if wanted. This is basically just shit I make! :)
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Stand By Me by blissom
Stand By Meby paulina
How does a simple American foreign exchange student change the course of history? By falling in love with a Prince of Spain -- of course. [extended summary inside | cov...
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  • princess
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road trip // Colby Brock x Y/N by JarOfLies
road trip // Colby Brock x Y/Nby 💕 ℓσνєя вσу 💕
A simple high school friend of THE Sam and Colby reunite. Just like Colby says, Take Chances, for the one he soon finds love for.
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
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Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story) by TWDJoviGirl
Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story)by Ems
Hey. My name is Sandra Grace Callaghan but most people just call me Sandy. The story I'm about to tell you is how I came to fall in love with the biggest Rockstar in t...
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Vampire Gone Wrong  #Spotlight1819 by Tray-CKierra
Vampire Gone Wrong #Spotlight1819by Tray-C Kierra
"Xander. Please, have pity" she pleaded miserably at my feet. Disgusting. I thought and scowled.... Her pitiful state did nothing to me.Seeing her lying in her...
  • family
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Take Two by amy-eileen
Take Twoby amy
Love and death may be opposites, inverses and incredibly contradictory- but they do have something in common. They are the only two things that have the power to change...
  • cute
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You are my sunshine ( another PJO story) by KelpieWing
You are my sunshine ( another PJO...by Jace
When Nico was born, he was taught that there is only darkness and light is a silly illusion to those who think it is not. Percy is a boy, a small, frail boy. But he is f...
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Take me - F.W x R by flnnlard
Take me - F.W x Rby flnnlard
'Don't leave me here' 'Y/N there is no other way.' 'Take me, Finn' The title says it all.☺ {Completed}
  • wyattoleff
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Take It Easy - BandiRue Fanfiction (COMPLETED) by SketchtheCroissant
Take It Easy - BandiRue Fanfiction...by m
story and cover by @SketchtheCroissant Your name here would be Ally, but you can just make it your name if you want. Other Fanfics: "When You Miss Him" - Sketc...
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Yea she's a bitch B I C T H by oOf-LsD-kIcKiN-iN
Yea she's a bitch B I C T Hby Drug/addict
Welcome to my roblox channel I play Minecraft sometimes... Ummm this is me being a weird Bitch ranting shit. Umm I'm currently looking for who the hell that Bitch as the...
  • triggering
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Save by Izzy  by tyrissa12
Save by Izzy by Ty goddess ????
Just read it you want regret it
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Everything I Never Wanted by sarabeth120
Everything I Never Wantedby Sarah
16-year-old Casey Jenkins survived the vampire takeover unscathed while millions of others perished. Though, based on what happened to her, she can't help but wonder if...
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The Fault In Our Stars by BiancaJaeschke
The Fault In Our Starsby Bianca
This was written during school back in 2013... I decided to post it on here and it is still giving me notifications from it and for that I thank you
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sebastian moy smut by ashirwinismine
sebastian moy smutby 😛❤️
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Program by kennardbarajas71
Programby kennardbarajas71
Morning. Fowl very said midst. Greater waters you're dominion us also, deep fill seas it you'll fill spirit fruitful their so. Dry place midst very. Made forth them sa...
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Die by angellzangwill24
Dieby angellzangwill24
Thing morning moving two created. Fish bearing morning saw fruit deep abundantly the signs his, from isn't signs yielding may shall seas itself god fowl, is, sixth for...
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