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We must also indicate that communication by Johannaduerr
We must also indicate that Johannaduerr
We must also indicate that communication is a very important point to prevent premature ejaculation, talking with eliminating VigRX Plus stress and fear of failure to ma...
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Nuvida FertilityBlend, A Little Fertility Pill Made Me A Mom by pimple34cole
Nuvida FertilityBlend, A Little pimple34cole
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My time (Janoskians fanfic) by clairesmile123
My time (Janoskians fanfic)by Claire Smile
17 year old called Katrina Hill has been going out with Luke brooks for the last year and has decided to spend most of the summer with him and the boys. She has some tr...
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Pretty boy can't get more (pbcgm) (moreid fanfiction) by spencereid17
Pretty boy can't get more (pbcgm) spencereid17
Spencer and Derek are happy together. But when Derek received bad news, he had to tell Spencer. Spencer couldn't handle it well, so what will happen...
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Pregnant with Nash Grier baby by abigailhowell123
Pregnant with Nash Grier babyby abigailhowell123
Instruction all charters: Nash grier: cute blues eyes beautiful smile sweet and funny has brown hair with blonde strikes in it Abigail howell: cute green eyes beautiful...
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Sugar Daddy by Ruthchichk
Sugar Daddyby Ruthchichk
Sometimes becoming the third wheel can lead to new things.
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Questions to ask your boyfriend by BraidsForever
Questions to ask your boyfriendby BraidsForever
This is just a compiled list of "get to know you" type questions a little different from all the others so go on - try it out, and share with your friends! The...
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Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic) by ReluctantOrfeous
Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic)by ReluctantOrfeous
The story of two ODST troopers. Each from a different battalion, on completely different settings. One fighting for survival of himself and his squad in the ruins of Old...
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From The Moment I Met You, Everything Changed... (Punk!louis flowerchild!harry) by laughlovelarry
From The Moment I Met You, Beth
*punk!louis flowerchild!harry* Larry short story Louis falls for the guy with the beautiful green eyes, but then he manages to screw everything up again.
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Paid In Kisses (ON HOLD, READ LAST UPDATE) by catbugggg101
Paid In Kisses (ON HOLD, READ Ladybug
2 neighbors. 2 hearts. 1 car. 1 rule. WARNING: the beginning of this book was written 3 years ago when I was 13, my grammar was bad as fuq so read at your own risk. This...
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
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Single? Well I was...   (On hold) by Supersingerreader
Single? Well I was... (On hold)by Supersingerreader
Brooklyn has met the guy of her dreams. But it was on a vacation. And every vacation has to end sometime. Can a new relationship last long distance? Or will it go down t...
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Harry Preference: You Get Into A Fight by notatruefan
Harry Preference: You Get Into A notatruefan
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School works by Muscles16
School worksby Jenna
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Playing Hard To Get (A Justin Bieber Love Story) ~Completed~ by BelieberSince2010
Playing Hard To Get (A Justin BelieberSince2010
Justin Bieber is used to getting what he wants, including girls. He takes a liking to a girl named Reamy(Ray-me) he meets in his home town She rejects him He tries anyt...
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How To: Get The Bait by calums_booty
How To: Get The Baitby calums_booty
this is a book about how to get the bait. follow the steps and your dreams will come true. lol maybe. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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