Step 14: Annoying Siblings

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Don't get me wrong I love me sister but sometimes they can be sooo annoying. I don't have a brother so I made it general with just siblings. I was laughing my arsers off 5 minutes ago when I got the idea for this chappie and said hey! Let's write it. :) Btw Merry Christmas! Here is  a gift for you! :)


Do you have a sister or maybe a brother who just pinches you in the arse? Sometimes they can just annoy you so much you just wish you were in hell at that moment. Now baby how do you get rid of them? Using scenario 1 that's how.

Scenario 1

You: Sitting on your computer writing 99 ways to get rid of annoying people for your fans

Sibling aka sib: Whacha doing? *jumping on sofa* Whacha doing? *jumps again* Whacha doing?

You: Just writing

Sib: Writing what? 

You: Nothing

Sib: Pinky!

You: What?!? Stop what are you doing?

*pinky is this stupid thing my sis does she does it even more because it annoys me*

Sib: Pinky!

You: Stop!!

Sib: So, can you help me with my project?

You: No, I'm busy right now

Sib: Please Please Please

You: Not at the moment later

Sib: Pink! Pinky! Our forces are to strong they cannot be abolished

You: What are you saying?

Sib: Help me now

You: Later! Now leaveeeee!

*5 mins later*

Sib: Now?!?!

You: @ 9:30

*10 mins later*

Sib: Now?!?!

You: Gaaah! Is it 9:30

Sib: Yeah!

You: No, it's 8:30

Sib: Ooops

*1 minute later*

Sib: Now?!?!

I'm not saying I don't like my sister or anything but sometimes they can push your buttons. If only there was a way to get rid of them. Hmmm! Scenario 2.

Scenario 2

You: Sitting on your computer updating 99 ways to get rid of annoying people

Sib: Whacha doing? *jumps on sofa*

You: I'm coming home I'm coming home tell the world I'm coming home

Sib: Huh?

You: *start raping* I hear the tears of a clown. I hate that song. I feel like they talking to me when it comes on. Another day. Another dawn. Another Keisha, please to meet ya. Get the math I'm gone. 

Sib: Huh? What are you syaing are you rapping?

You: No I'm singing. *start singing* And the past will dry underneath my nails and the wind will rise up to fill my sails. 

Sib: What are you singing?

You: So you can doubt. So you can hate but I know, no matter what it takes.

Sib: Will start exiting the room when he/she figures out you are 

a) Ignoring him/her

b) Acting crazy

c) Going to complain to mom or dad

Sib: Will only enter when the coast is clear again. This plan is totally foolproof ;)

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