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In Love With A Sociopath by flowerwriter
In Love With A Sociopathby flowerwriter
Mary is new to Gladstone High school. And she meets who she thinks is the boy of her dreams. But is he keeping a deep secret? And what will the consequences be when she...
I'll Fight For You - Fred/Hermione by AlwaysDramione
I'll Fight For You - Fred/Hermioneby AlwaysDramione
[FIRST INSTALMENT] Fred Weasley is known as the joker and one half of a twin. His dazzling good looks, gorgeous blue eyes which contrast perfectly with flaming red hair...
Fanning the Flames by live_laugh_love96
Fanning the Flamesby Rachel
We all live in the world of magic and elements, but we don't know it. Fire, water, air, and earth used to rule the world, but a terrible war broke out. Each element wa...
About Time  | Jenlisa by iamnooneperiod
About Time | Jenlisaby riri
Lalisa Manoban is an aspiring musical actress who has the special ability to see people's life spans. One day, while she's heading off to an audition, she becomes involv...
The Abused Girl by AuthorWho6487
The Abused Girlby 𝑆𝐸𝑅𝐴𝑃𝐻𝐼𝑁𝐴
Top Rankings: #1 crucial #1 abusivedad #1 no one cares #1 broken girl #1 savealife #1 about Discontinued As I barely make it up the stairs without collapsing. I look to...
         ♡Encanto Preferences♡ by Pulkownik---
♡Encanto Preferences♡by Pulkownik---
Hi welcome in my preferences! ♡
One Direction Preferences by Girlnotonfire
One Direction Preferencesby Naqi.
So I decided to write some one direction preferences! Some will be from wonderful Tumblr and some I'll be writing myself. So hope you all will enjoy these lovely prefer...
The Truth about Jenlisa. by wasted-pass
The Truth about Jenlisa.by Wasstedd
This my Jenlisa theory that I've been relating from many sources and tea accounts all over social media, there's dates, info and evidence, if you're not into this delulu...
Sold by AuthorWho6487
"Let me go!" I screeched as he dragged me out of the house. And quickly removed his hand from my hair to my arm. "Mom! Dad!" I screamed right before...
Gemini Booklet by teen_escape
Gemini Bookletby teen_escape
Gemini (pronunciation: /ˈdʒɛmɪnaɪ/ or /ˈdʒɛmɪniː/ JEM-in-eye or JEM-in-ee) (♊) is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini...
Facts About Boys by WPAllBoutBoys
Facts About Boysby WPAllBoutBoys
You might know some of these, you might not. Either way read it to find out some weird, surprising and funny facts about boys! #568 in Random July 12, 2016
FACTS ABOUT GIRLS ♀ by Mhirayyyyy
FACTS ABOUT GIRLS ♀by Almira Domingo
Facts about Girls [[Compilation]]
Halt's Ranger Apprentices- John Flanagan Ranger Apprentice fan-fiction by JessicaBeverley
Halt's Ranger Apprentices- John Fl...by Jessica Beverley
A fifteen-year-old girl, meets fifteen-year-old Will. Two apprentices, one Halt. The life of this girl was out of the ordinary, secretive, very few knew that the grim...
I Want To Be Mrs Horan - Niall Horan Fan Fiction by xoxosecretlover
I Want To Be Mrs Horan - Niall Hor...by Your Secret Lover.
{Disclaimer: Don't read if you're gonna be offended about me 'disliking' gays and then start to send me hate.} Megan Walker, a young Mom who was willing to do anything t...
They Don't Know About Us. (Liam Payne Fanfiction) by AlexisMichellexox
They Don't Know About Us. (Liam Pa...by Alexis(:
Kristen Nichols: your average girl, living a normal life. Liam Payne: world famous member of the band One Direction, touring the globe. Two people from completely differ...
My Thug <3 [COMPLETE] by Msbrowniee
My Thug <3 [COMPLETE]by Msbrowniee
This story is about a girl called Shyla, who is in the last year of school. She ends up meeting a boy called Carlos and they both end up falling for each other. Shyla al...
Inspector Zero by growIers
Inspector Zeroby Z
A lil about myself (:
Lads by SinfullySunny
Ladsby 18+
Single- ☀️ Talking-🌼 Crushing-🌕 Taken-🌻 Married/engaged-💍 Reserved: 🌛🌜
Hubrism's Writer Room by Hubrism
Hubrism's Writer Roomby Marianna Leal
Want to see more behind the scenes content about my stories? Need Wattys tips? Looking for hot, piping tea about how to be successful on Wattpad? Then you're in the righ...