Step 10: Weirdo's

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Yahh! I'm into double digits now 89 more steps to go hahaha! That makes me feel better. So I was really excited today because I saw this book got 142 reads that may not be alot for other people but this is the most reads I've gotten on wattpad so Thank You ppl! Some updates tmrws my last day of school before the winter break and today I did a musical performance. 


Is their this "Weirdo" in your class whom you loathe. He is so annoying and is just soo weird you don't know how to explain it. You just wish you could get rid of him/her. 

You: Peacefully doing your work

Weirdo: Starts to lean on you

You: *creeped out* What are you doing?

Weirdo: My heads tired

You: Well, move your head somewhere else please

Weirdo: Aww c'mon you love me though

You: *Freaking out* Wtf no I don't (sorry for the profanity there) what are you saying (name)?

Weirdo: Starts streching over you

You: Can you please move the other way?

Weirdo: You take up a lot of space

You: Wth how? You are literally straddling my lap get off of me

Weirdo: *Moves even closer to you*

You: What a freak! You just want to get the hell out of there.

Now how can you avoid this situation? Using my next scenario of course. (Hugs)

You: Peacefully doing your work

Weirdo: Standing in the corner

You: Hey (weirdo's name) come here! Sit with me!

Weirdo: Okay?!?!

You: Don't sharks just love bitches I meant fishes?

Weirdo: Huh?

You: I'm living in fast forward theirs nothing I can do (Start singing)

Weirdo: What song is that?

You: Plug your ears. Oh yeah baby you make me feel soooo..... Moves like jaaaaager

Weirdo: What are you doing?

You: Oh sorry! I'm a fish (Start imitating a fish)

Weirdo: Eventually but slowly will leave 

You: If that still didn't work imitate a cow. (Thumbs up)

If you are lucky the weirdo will NEVER and I repeat NEVER come back to you again but as I said if your LUCKY!!

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