Step 19: School Gossipers

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  • Dedicated to Stupid Gossip girls/boys in your school :D

A/N: The twitter/facebook stuff is on hold for now I will start it later.

Who has those one or maybe more people who gossip in school? *20 hands shoot up*

They may be an individual or multiple people. Everyone you say to them no matter how innocent they change it and make YOU sound like the bad guy. *yeah crowd starts arguing*

Don't you ever wish they would take you SERIOUSLY FOR ONCE AND STOP SPREADING RUMOURS ABOUT YOU? *everyone shouts yes*

WELL NOW IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!!*change everyone shouts. But how?*

Using scenario 1 of course. *everyone face palms duh!*

Scenario 1

You: standing by your locker as you see the gossiper walk past you

G: Oh hi didn't see you there

You: Heyy

G: You like Zayn

You: What no?!? I said hey

G: You are in denail I knew it

You: What I didn't say anything though?

G: Omg double dooer you like Niall too

You: Noo eww they have such crap personalities


You: What?!?! :0 What are you saying?

**5 Days Later**

Random stranger from school: I didn't know you like Zayn

You: What?!?! When?!?!? That loser.

Random stranger: Aww that's so cute you are in denial.

You: What?!!?!? :0

**next day**

You: Walking through the hallways and hear people whispering around you.

Whispers: She likes Niall.

W: No she likes Zayn

W: She's a double dooer she likes 'em both

W: hahaha what a loser!

W: She likes Zayn

W: She is eating Niall

W: He told me she has a huge crush on Niall and Zayn

W: ooooh look she's their

You: Why?!?? Why world? Why do you hate me?

I HATE it when people spread rumours about me so if you are a supporter please reply <:> In the comments below. 

Now I wish I could stop these gossipers from talking well maybe their is a way.

Option 1: Don't give a shit

Option 2: Keep telling them no and support reasons

Option 3: Avoid them and don't talk to them

Option 4: Write an essay about how much you would never like them

Option 5: Get supporters and declare World War 3

Option 6: Have a cat-fight (this is my personal favorite)

Option 7: Slap the world. This may involve large hands and lot's of smacking good luck with it.

So how was it guys? I haven't updated in a while sorry I have tons of stories going on and I may not update for a while since my laptop will be in repair. Hope you like and pls vote and comment THANK U!! <3

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