Step 23: Bored in Class/My Journey to Boredom

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What's the most annoying thing? Being bored in class of course. I have a laptop school so at least I can access wattpad *phew* lol. But for those of you poor souls who cannot. Yes I feel your pain *2 mins of silence* I have a little chappie for you. Well some may think how is this related to my book well it is. Is being bored in class annoying? Well, then it concludes.

You: Sitting with your friend in class

Friend: I'm so bored the teacher is talking foreva

You: I know right

Friend: I wanna die I already know this

You: *groan*

Teacher: So  that's why 1+1 =2  okay?

Random kid: I get it let's move on

Teacher: Another reason why 1+1 =2 is...

You: OMG I get it now shut up

Friend: That's a little mean

You: I know but c'mon who doesn't know that 1+1=2 in grade 9

Friend: Point taken

You:*smirk as the teacher puts the class to sleep*

Teacher: So, class let me show you an essay I wrote on why 1+1=2

You: Who cares? We get it already.

Teacher: Quiet kid this is fun

You: No it is not from the reference my journey to boredom

Me: Now how should I prevent boredom? Hmmmm...

Me: I got it. A list ;)

Ways to Reduce Boredom in Class ;)

1. Every time the teacher asks a question say, "I strongly agree."

2. Congratulate the teacher every time she says something eg."Good job teach! You got that one right."

3. Write a barcode on your hand and make yourself for sale such as $6.69

4. Wink at some random kid on the side of the room

5. Stare at someone until they notice your presence

6. Start drawing moustaches on yourself

7. Continuously poke the person beside you until they get annoyed

8. Create an argument about nothing in particular to waste time

9. Stare at some random kid across the room and then smile at them for as long as you can

10. Start dancing to gangam style in your seat

11.Keep looking at the door until another person looks their too

12. Keep turning behind you

13. Wave at the door and pretend someone is their just to make the entire class look

14. Take somebody's computer and start playing gangam style on it

15. Play a game on your computer

16. Read books on wattpad

17. Pass a note around the class without getting caught Hi sexy bitch! Sign here ;)

18. Scratch a body part noticeably

19. Continuously move positions in your seat until it annoys someone

20. Whisper pppssst to someone beside you and then look away fast. Do it repeatedly until they notice.

21. Tap the person beside you's opposite shoulder than look away really fast and whistle noticeably

22. Start whistling in class

23. Start singing one direction in class

24.  Keep glancing towards the teacher and smile like your hiding something

25. Drum your fingers on a table loudly until it annoys someone

Hey guys please vomment it will mean a lot <3 and also which step was your fav? Also if you were to recommend any step to this list (I will add all of them) what is it? Tell me in the comments.

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