Step 15: Auto correct for iPhones (Damn you auto correct)

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Dedicated to the above because well she is reading my stories. Thank you all!!!!

Which one of you reading has an iPhone? Probably many of you well I have a BB don't go hating me I don't mind iPhones either but I like my BB it's touch screen and white. ;)

Now who likes auto correct on iPhones? Maybe some of you. Most of my friends have iPhones it is hilarious to hear their stories about auto correct. Sometimes auto correct can make the convo more interesting or even awkward depending on what it corrects to. My name always corrects to Arabia holy it is so annoying but hey it creates a convo. Yesterday I was talking to my friend he has an iPhone he wanted to say thanks and ended up saying hey sweet thang! It was really hilarious.

Scenario 1

Friend aka Fr: What's up?

You: Just chillin with my poop

Fr: Oh! That sounds hygienic

You: Nooo! I meant pop

Fr: Thank god! I was worried. lol

Scenario 2

Fr: So I have blown my boss twice, and it's not as bad as I thought

You: WTH

Fr: What???

You: Look at your last text

Fr: lmao nose!!

*Every time I write guys on my bb it comes out as guts loool*

Scenario 3

You: We'll see how I feel later on

Fr: Ok. If you want you can just come and sit on the floor and give me company. I will supply diet coke. And I will give you an HIV too ;)

You: Then I'll definitely come ;)

Fr: Ahaha I meant hug

You: Good

Scenario 4

You: I don't like the guts in our school though they are ugly

Fr: Um okay we have guts?

You: Ahaha I meant guys

Fr: Oh good I was wondering for you

You: Guts lol

Fr: If guys were guts....

You: You are disgusting

Fr: :)

Scenario 5

Fr: What classes do you have tomatoes? Because I won't be there tomatoes

You: Nice Nick name

Fr: Omg hahaha auto correct damn I meant tomorrow

You: Oh good tomatoes

Fr: loooool

Scenario 6

Fr: Grandpa bought me a sandwich from the devil

You: From hell

Fr: Wow... Deli

You: lool nice

Scenario 7

You: Hi mom I bought the crack for dad it was $35 is that okay?

Mom: It was cheaper when I was younger

You: Omg I meant cake. Wait! Mom what?!?

So from these scenario's u probably understood iPhones auto correct not always the best thing. On my bb I changes guts to auto correct to guys just in case ;). Should I have a part 2 with some more funny scenario's? Tell me ur thoughts in the comments and readers this chappie is just for you that's why I am sitting on my BB typing this on Christmas.

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