Chapter Thirty Two

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Chapter Thirty-Two

This chapter is going to contain TWO POV! Skylar's then Will's!

Hope you guys like it!

Love, your angel...


Skylar's POV

"You'll never get girl cooties!"

Alex laughed out loud. The sound of mirth was cut short.

An angry red slash appeared on his arm.

We looked up to see a very, very angry hunter.

Alex whimpered. The hunter raised his whip.

"No! I'll take his punishment!" I yell.


"Skylar," Alex sobbed quietly.

I leaned against the wall, exhausted, battered and bruised.

When I didn't respond, Alex shook me gently. "Skylar,"


"You're not going to die are you? You’re not going to leave m?"

"No, don't worry, I’m not dying, I'll never leave you.” I smiled wearily and kissed his forehead.

We froze when we heard footsteps.

"The boss wants him," the guard jerked his thumb to my direction.

"I'll be back," I assured Alex.

I was pulled up and half dragged away by the guards.


"How are you Skylar?" He asks.


"Good, good," he has an evil glint in his eyes. "I have a little proposal for you Skylar,"

I looked at him.

"I can release you sister, your new little friend and whoever else you want," he began.

“What do you want from me?”

"I want you to lead the war," he smirks cruelly.

"What?" My eyes widened.

"You know the area well, furthermore, with you leading, the packs would be confused and hesitate, giving my men a head start,"

"What if I say no?" I avoided his eyes.

He laughed. "Simple. All the werewolves I've captured will die,"

He gestured his men to take me and follow him.

He led me into a tower and instantly, my knees fell weak.

It was a werewolf slaughter house.

"I'll save the best for your dear sister and friend," he started. "First perhaps a bit of sex then a few stabs, I'm sure both are virgins,"

My mouth went dry.

"Then perhaps we could have a werewolf feast, and the main course will be roasted―"

"I'll do it, I'll do whatever you want," I shout, my voice breaking. I don’t want to hear anything anymore. "Don't hurt them, please,"

The man smiled in satisfaction. "And just in case you turn against your word, your friends are going to lead alongside you too,"


Will's POV

"The hunters are leaving their camp!" A spy said.

"The rogues?"

"They are all spread around the hunters, sir,"

I saw the young werewolf hesitate.

"What else?" I prodded.

"Three werewolves are leading the attack, sir,"

That news stunned us. Who would betray their own kind to the hunters?

"Who are they?" Alpha Cornelius asks.

"Skylar, Ariana and a little boy who's not identified, sir,"

"Are you sure?"

"A hundred percent positive, sir,"

"He's forced into it! I'm sure of it!" I shout.

"I know, son," Alpha Richard patted my shoulder. "The problem is,"

"How do we attack and not harm any of them?" Alpha Cornelius spoke what was on everyone's minds.


My, my… How? How can we save Skylar and his friends without hurting them? Comment!

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