Freak Show (in editing) by CalumInChanel
Freak Show (in editing)by j
"You've already bought a ticket, and there's no turning back now." Rosalie has been kidnapped by a cat-eyed man named Manson, the owner of a popular Freak Show...
  • deformities
  • circus
  • carnivals
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Circus Freak by misguided_outcast
Circus Freakby LILY
"How can you possibly love me?" He asked as he trailed a finger down my cheek. "I don't care if you are an unfortunate I can't deny my feelings" I wh...
  • forbidden
  • love
  • circus
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Smile For Me  by goldenscares666
Smile For Me by Golden
You rarely smile. Why would you? You are constantly abused by your father behind your oblivious mother's back. Your older sister always picks on you. One day you finally...
  • circus
  • jester
  • xreader
Feral by -Beautifully_Insane-
Feralby -Beautifully_Insane-
The Feral was locked in a cage her whole life. Beaten and sold to circuses until one day she broke free of her chains and ran into the woods. This feral wolf was about t...
  • romance
  • moongoddess
  • hate
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Time to go by Brokenrook
Time to goby Brokenrook
Avengers fanfic Clint is tired of people whispering behind his back after the Loki accident . He never felt accepted by the other avengers. He finally decides that he's...
  • barneybarton
  • mentionofsuicide
  • grief
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Despair Princess | Demon prince x reader by DespairCircus
Despair Princess | Demon prince DespairCircus
Death & Despair is all the princess knows.
  • yanderexreader
  • despair
  • yandere
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the circus; remus lupin ✓ by smxraldo-
the circus; remus lupin ✓by ʳˢᵇ
The thing is, it is never about being a clown, a magician or an acrobat Circus always has its own way to trap you in it And there is only one way to leave. ...
  • remus
  • peter
  • gryffindor
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INK by LEPalphreyman
A boy cursed by ink. A girl doomed to die. A story made to be broken. --- In a dystopian world where ink and stories are forbidden, Elle has a dangerous power; creation...
  • romance
  • dystopian
  • forbidden
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Loving You (ManxMan) #Wattys2018 ✔ by -carmin
Loving You (ManxMan) #Wattys2018 ✔by Carrie
The one where the jock and the wallflower meet after six years. - Alfie really shouldn't have gone to the reuni...
  • featured
  • lgbt
  • wattpride
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Jester | Jikook | by Sincerely_Jikook
Jester | Jikook |by Sincerely Jikook
"Your job is to make me laugh..not to fall in love.." Jeon Jungkook is a young, tall and handsome black haired king that rules over his palace alone. Because o...
  • puppet
  • topjungkook
  • circus
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LAST RESORT by ZeroWineThirty
*** 2017 Riveting Reads Watty Award Winner*** When you have nowhere else to go, you go to the Last Resort. In a broken world ruined by war and the greed of humank...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • pack
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The Greatest Showman X Female Reader (discontinued) by calebmclaughingatyou
The Greatest Showman X Female 😩🍯💞⭐️
[#1 - NUMBER ONE IN #greatest] It's everything you ever want, its everything you'll ever need, and it's here right in front of you...... Oh shit it's a freaking love tri...
  • greatest
  • fanfiction
  • thegreatestshowman
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C A T H E C T: The Greatest Showman by username_blank0110
C A T H E C T: The Greatest Showmanby username_blank0110
~~~to invest emotion or feeling in a particular idea, object or another person~~~ "I wish i could explain your eyes, and how the sound of your voice gives me butter...
  • unique
  • fanfic
  • barnum
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You Are My Eyes (The Greatest Showman) by prinnyp
You Are My Eyes (The Greatest Prinnyp
"I may be blind Mr. Barnum, but that does not mean that I can't see what is right in front of me, to know what important to me and what is not." Piper Rogers...
  • zacefron
  • fic
  • fan
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Popee The Performer~ ONESHOTS by cRinGeLiFe
Popee The Performer~ ONESHOTSby Kïra V.
-Updates Every Wednesday- I have plenty of chapters, requests are listed, AND if you expect an update it will more than likely be a later time. (If you live in South-Eas...
  • popeetheclown
  • fanfic
  • wattys2018
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Ordinary (Phillip x Reader) by Sj_thefan
Ordinary (Phillip x Reader)by Sj
The circus's greatest fan attends the show every night. She loves all of the cast and becomes great friends with them. She's there in the beginning and promises to be th...
  • wattys2018
  • annewheeler
  • xreader
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Made To Be Mine (A Greatest Showman FanFiction) by pizzaberrygirl
Made To Be Mine (A Greatest Trusting or as Kind
Chen Ying, secretary and childhood friend of Philip Carlyle, is constantly trying to adjust to life with the upper-classed. When Philip decides to join P.T. Barnum's cir...
  • hughjackman
  • annewheeler
  • philipcarlyle
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Abracadabra: 'Now I have your heart' (Levi x Eren) *Circus AU* by EreriForever839
Abracadabra: 'Now I have your Sinata Takako
Levi has lived a pretty normal life for himself, doing the everyday things everyone else does without any frivolous activities to please himself. But everyone needs a...
  • circus
  • cottontailmorlace
  • aot
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Burn (Barlyle) (COMPLETE) by BuddysImpala
Burn (Barlyle) (COMPLETE)by Dolenzmith Queen
Phillip pushes Barnum away after the fire. Barnum struggles with what to do about the secrets of that night.
  • thegreatestshowman
  • greatestshowman
  • hughjackman
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The Circus Life For Me (A Septiplier Story) by Glitterpartytime
The Circus Life For Me (A Glitterpartytime
Jack was a normal human who was living a bully life and a boring life. One day he found a poster to a circus nearby his town. That night changed Jack's life forever
  • circus
  • septiplier
  • monters
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