Chapter Twenty Six

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~Chapter Twenty Six~

Ooo I'm so excited! This chappie is in Skylar's POV! 0.0 We can finally find out what's happening to him!



Skylar's POV

My eyes were open but darkness is all what I could see. My eyes, mouth, hands and legs were all tide up, my muscles stiff and sore.

I had woken up not long ago and all I could remember was those rogues jumping on Ariana and me. I turned into wolf when they attacked but there was too many of them. I only could last for five minutes. I commanded Ariana to run but she didn't listen.


Where is she?

I tensed as someone, or should I say someones, entered.

"Remove his blindfold," a voice commanded. The voice had a thick accent that wasn't local.

And almost instantly the cloth on my eyes was ripped off.

"Well, well, how are you feeling Skylar?" The same voice chuckled harshly.

I froze as my eyes focused on the speaker.

He was twenty something with tattoos all over his body. His blue eyes were cold and calculating, the smile on his face sly.

"How do you know my name?" I tried to ask but the cloth around my mouth muffled my words.

"You're Skylar Gray, brother of Redford pack's Alpha Taylor Gray, mate of Shadowlight pack future Alpha, Will Hunter. Am I correct?"

I shrugged.

"The girl with you is your sister,"

I shrugged again. I could see he was trying to keep his cool but my shrugging was pissing him off.

What did he expect me to do? Reply?

He nodded to one of his henchmen and the bulky man stepped forward and tore my the cloth around my mouth.

"What do you want from me?" I hissed.

"Information, of course," he laughed at my question.

"I don't have any information you want and neither do my sister," I growled, my heart was beating so loudly, I'm surprised that he couldn't hear.

"Oh, then tell me, have you heard about the recent kidnapping of werewolves?" A smile cracked on his face.

"You kidnapped them," I accused.

"Of course I did," he smiled.

He's mad, my wolf muttered.

You can say that again, I mutter back.


That's the stupidest question you can ever ask a crazy man, my wolf chided.

Shut up, you're curious too, I retorted.

"Why? WHY? It's war time, torturing people for secrets are so common nowadays,"

"War? You'll never be able to defeat the werewolves by yourself," I spat in disgust. How can anyone torture someone just for information?

"Yes, but we are not alone. The hunters and rogues have formed an alliance to destroy you,"

I froze. Alliance? You've got to be kidding me!

"As I was saying each pack has their own secrets, their weaknesses and strengths, and you, my friend, is the weakness of both Redford and Shadowlight pack."

"I am the what?"

"Weakness. You have strong bonds with your pack, your death would weaken them."

"You can kill me but don't touch my sister," I yelled as he walked away.

"You're not the one in command here boy, I can do what I want,"

"Besides, she's a fine young lady and I'm sure she's still a virgin,"

I got up and threw myself at him, probably not the best idea as the binds on my legs tripped me up.

One of the henchmen grunted and threw a punch at my face, knocking me out almost instantly.

"Don't hurt her," I whispered.


I woke up again later in another room, my cheek hurting and this time I was chained against the wall, my feet a few feet above the ground.

"Ariana!" I yelled. She was in chains too, but on a table.

Her eyes fluttered open at my voice. Slowly, the confusion in her face turned to horror as she struggled with the chains.

"Damn it!" She cursed.

"Ariana! Are you hurt?"

Her eyes brimmed with tears when she spotted me on the wall. "No, I'm fine. Oh, Skylar, you're hurt!"

"It's fine, what exactly did he do to you?" I asked.

"He... kissed me." Ariana tried to reassure me that it was all right but I see that it really affected her.

"Oh that fucking bastard! I'm going to kill him!" I roared.

"We shall see who kills who first," a person came out of the shadows.


0.0 I was shocked when Skylar swore. Were you?

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The land between the skies and heaven shall annihilate
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The five must seek the Dark Lord in the Shadowland
Hence, will the prophecy end.

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