Chapter Four

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~Chapter Four~

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Skylar's POV

I slammed my locker shut. It was first day of school and like every year, I try to be invisible. I must say though, this invisible word is not in my dictionary today. Everyone was staring blankly at me when I first entered the gate.

I had a nightmare again last night and Nate, once again, came to my rescue. During our chat, Nate had dared me to let him choose my outfit for the week; in return I get to choose what he wears too. We get to choose the topics by taking turns every other day. Well, thanks to him, I came into school in gothic style with nobody recognizing me and giving me these 'what on earth?' looks. Well, the werewolves in the pack did but not the humans.

Instead of my normal grey hoodie and fit blue jeans. I had to wear skintight dark wash jeans with a belt that screamed gothic and a white shirt with a huge skull design in the middle. I had a sleeveless black jacket on but was told not to zip up unless I wanted to lose and do his choice of forfeit.

I had gothic bracelets dangling on my wrists. Several chains with skulls, plastic red jewels and crosses were hanging around my neck.

Oh god. The worst part of this outfit is the hair accessory. I had to put on a freaking metal band around my head with a cross falling in the middle of my forehead.

Life's just great! I thought sarcastically. Will someone just do me a favour and kill me right now?

Luckily, the outfit I picked for Nate was killing him as his was killing me.

I chose a dark colored Black Veil Brides hoodie, skintight black jeans and rings that screamed emo and forced him to put on eyeliner. I added a few more black lines to his face, copying the look the lead singer of Black Veil Brides usually wore. Nobody recognized him either.

The halls were filled with whispers, mutters and stares as Nate and I walked in coolly, at least that's what I think is a cool walk.

I'm gonna kill you, I told Nate.

What makes you think hat you are the only one killing? I'm killing you for making me dress like an emo! You gave me a hoodie? Seriously? Do you know the difference between emo and gothic style? Nate growled.

I looked pointedly at his outfit and mine. Oh, I kinda see that difference now, I smirked.

Then, I realized what he just said.

NATE! BLACK VEIL BRIDES ARE NOT EMO! I screamed as Nate ran away laughing. COME BACK HERE!

I walked into my first class, which is English and grabbed a seat at the back.

The teacher was a young female in her late twenties. Her hair was in a deep shade of red and her sparkling emerald eyes. She introduced herself as Marie Swanson and her bubbly and passionate attitude immediately won over the class.

Half an hour later, Principle Olsen appeared in the class with a newcomer. Jack Olsen is a werewolf and was appointed to be principle to excuse werewolf students here and then.

Now standing beside him as he explained to Ms. Swanson was a handsome looking boy. He must be a werewolf, Jack don't usually bring late newbies to their class. Ms. Swanson nodded and the principle went away.

The new boy was glancing at everyone, almost cautiously. His beautiful sapphire eyes were flickering left to right. His black hair brought out the tint of turquoise in his eyes, making his eye color change from blue to green and green to blue. He had his hands in the pockets of his jeans and was shifting his weight, seeming bored.

He didn't inspect me like the others as I had a book covering my face. I could feel his stare burn through me for a second then it moved away.

"Well, it seems like we have another student. His name is Will Hunter. Will, I'm afraid we only have a seat left at the back. Skylar Gray, please stand up and show Will his seating position." Ms. Swanson called out.

I groaned in my mind. Slowly, I put down my book and stood up, feeling uneasy as I felt the stares from the whole class. The new boy's eyes fell on my clothes. His vaguely amused eyes then met mine. In a second, our gazes locked. I found myself staring deeper into his eyes.

I felt a many golden chains pulling me towards him. Suddenly, both of us were on the ground crying out in pain. I screamed and blinked tears and clutched my chest as my heart tore into two. The pain slowly dissolved as I felt his piece connect to mine. I could only think of one thing before I blacked out.



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