Chapter Twenty Nine

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Wow! I just want to thank all that have been supporting this book until now! We're at chapter Twenty Nine peeps! Thankyou so much! *Pulls you into a hug*

This will be in Will's POV! Enjoy!


Will's POV

"Vampires?" I shuddered.

Trent nodded.

I thought about this for a while.

Vampires can be a huge advantage in this situation. We will have the element of surprise, the hunters would never expect an alliance with the bloodsuckers, my wolf debated.

However, vampires are also a threat to wounded wolves, I pointed out.

"How are you sure they won't attack us?" I asked.

"We prefer humans," Davian leaned against the doorway.

I growled as him. Werewolves don't exactly have the best relationship with Vampires.

"Hold your wolves, I am not gonna suck your blood," he remarked. "Your blood reeks, so do yours, brother," he added.

"I'm not your brother! My mother is dead!" Trent growled.

"Well technically, she is the dead, perhaps the term the walking dead could fit," Davian smirks.

"Trent," I warned, placing my hand on his shaking arm.

"My men would be so disgusted by your scent. No vampire on their right minds would drink from you, bleeding werewolves smells," Davian sniffed the air and twitched his nose.

"Hey watch it bloodsucker, you're in our property," Trent warned.

"I can be gone in a second," Davian cocked his head to the side.

"Whatever," Trent rolls his eyes.

"Look, we don't have much time left. I need your answer right now," Davian said seriously.

"We accept your alliance," Alpha Richard burst into the room.

Davian grinned and nodded.


"This is Skylar's room eh?" The vampire said as he followed me.

Suddenly he froze, his eyes wide.

A single word came out of his mouth.

The voice is hoarse, thin and dry.



 0.0 Remember I once pointed out that Skylar was a pure white wolf? Well, white wolves usually have two mates...

Get ready to choose your teams... Will or Davian? Or just a fluke?

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