Chapter Thirty Three

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Chapter Thirty Three

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Skylar's POV

We started moving again when the first red streaks of dawn were lightening the sky.

The night was spent listening to the hunters and rogues trading bitter words and angry arguments.

The sky was sullen with rain clouds. The gloom and the dread was reflected in our faces.

I was bone-weary, aching for sleep, and my brain wasn't functioning.

My legs felt like lead, wobbling as I walk. My stomach twisted into knots and I could feel the beads of sweat lined on my burning forehead.

My vision was swimming as I fought another wave of nausea.

My wounds are healing terribly slow and the hunters didn't bother to wrap it up or disinfect it. If I wasn't going to die in the war, I'll die catching some sort of disease.

I stumbled backwards but before I could collapse, Ariana caught me, her face pinched with concern.

"Hey! No contact!" a hunter growled.

I took a shaky breath and gave her a reassuring look.

She released me but I could see that she was ready to catch of again if I fall.

I glanced at Alex. He wasn't saying much after I returned to the cell. He suppressed a smile, though his eyes were still reflecting his fear.

"Break!" one of the hunters cried out.

The hunters and rogues stopped moving and pulled out their canteens.

We were offered a tiny amount of water too, that I'm grateful for.

It takes really long to invade werewolf territory; we've been walking for days.

I felt weary; I wanted to just curl up on the ground and sleep.

Oh how I wish Will was here...


"WEREWOLVES! We would like to offer a preposition!"

I saw Alpha Richard approached us with a group of werewolves with caution.

"If you give us the land peacefully, we will not harm these three werewolves,"

Alpha Richard snorted. "What makes you think we'll believe you?" he did his best to maintain a reasonable, non-argumentative tone.

But I wasn't listening any longer; my ears were stuffed and ringing.

My vision became fuzzy and before I knew it, my legs buckled under me and I crumpled to the ground. Blackness enveloped me into its shroud.


Will's POV

I found myself licking my own lips in anticipation.

The hunters were finally here.

I watched as they came into the clearing, I should be watching the armed men but my eyes were only fixed on one.

Skylar looked much thinner and weary. His beautiful white hair was cluttered with dirt and his green eyes lost all hope of life.

Skylar, my wolf whimpered.

We will save them, I told myself firmly.

My father took a group of werewolves and came faced to face.

Suddenly, I was feeling myself sway as the solid land beneath of seemed to roll and pitch. I stumbled and fell to one knee. I gripped the trunk beside me and stood up slowly, ignoring the worried glances from my team of werewolves. I felt a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach.

Something's wrong.

Really wrong.

My heart literally stopped as I watched my mate collapse.

The next few minutes seemed like it happened in a second.

A gunshot rang out and suddenly, everyone was charging at one another.


"WILL GODDAMNIT! Charge!" Trent roared at me.

I leaped into the air,, transforming into a wolf and charged at the hunters.

The smell of gunpowder was everywhere. The deafening shots of the guns rang out every second.

I saw Ariana and the boy pulling Skylar away from the war and heaved a sigh of relief. Now that I knew Skylar wasn't in danger I could fight with much ease.

Trent was having difficulty with a rather massive rogue and before I could step in, Nate pounced on it.

I just kept ripping heads and ripping throats. By then, most of the werewolves were badly wounded.

When the hunters thought they have won, a new wave of werewolves charged. This time, the Vampires were charging with them.

A cold tingle rattled up my spine.

I wasn't aware of the hunter a few feet away, by the time I heard the click, it was too late.

I glanced back, just in time to see a white wolf jump in front of me, taking the shot.


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"I want to see them," Griffin whisper.

I knew what he was talking about.

My scars.

Slowly, I took off my shirt, showing him the broken me.

He leaned in closer and traced the scars.

"They are ugly," I whisper, my tears spilling now.

Now that I know Griffin can be trusted, there's no point in hiding my true self. I can't show this side of me to Cole. He won't understand.

Griffin cupped my face and used his thumbs and wiped away my tears.

"Oh Cyan," he said.


"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he whisper and pressed his lips onto mine.



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