Sentinal's Tear (Book #1 in Requiem Series) [formally titled Lacrimosa] by ChristineFonseca
Sentinal's Tear (Book #1 in Christine Fonseca
The Requiem Series #1 (Formally released as Lacrimosa) (c) Christine Fonseca 2016 and 2012 Some sacrifices should never be made, even for love. Nesy is the best of an e...
  • angels
  • teen
  • demons
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My Corpse Husband by MedievalTomboy
My Corpse Husbandby Lady Prim
A place of superstitions A place of curses A girl who was forced to sacrifice her life for the welfare of the village and was widowed against her will. Widowed? Or Marri...
  • possessive
  • lady
  • sacrifice
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Crossing Oceans  | ✓ by WackyMinx
Crossing Oceans | ✓by Valerie Walsh ™
#1 The Diamond Awards #2 Butterfly Fly Away Awards #2 The Golden Awards #3 The Quill Awards #21 in Historical Fiction Featured by @HistoricalFiction @talesofthedeep @Pr...
  • aquatic
  • abduction
  • captive
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Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
Lair of Beasts [Book I in the JeanineCroft
Aria is only a child when her guardianship is suddenly relinquished into the hands of a stranger from the north. In a land of harsh winters and fleeting daylight, she is...
  • beasts
  • darkfantasy
  • wattys2016
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Set Me Free [complete] by elsetterby
Set Me Free [complete]by London Setterby
A Wattpad Featured Read -- also featured in Cosmo! Where to buy the expanded & professionally edited version: Ebook or paperback:
  • artist
  • maine
  • island
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Superhero Chaos ✔️ by raychillgray
Superhero Chaos ✔️by Rachel
"Every time I knock you out, you drool," Phantom points at my black shirt sleeve with a gloved finger. I groan in frustration, there's a puddle of drool on it...
  • villainsarepeopletoo
  • villainxhero
  • action
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Boy in the Mist (Vampire BoyxBoy) by TheCosmicPebble
Boy in the Mist (Vampire BoyxBoy)by Dead, but Ironically
It was a gloomy town, sure, but Isaac didn't think much of it. He laughed off the myths, dismissed the graveyard, and pushed away his thoughts of anything supernatural...
  • bxb
  • graveyard
  • teenfiction
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Lady of the Manor (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 4) by exlibrisregina
Lady of the Manor (The Dark Regina Saint Claire
Currently updating! In the fourth (and final?) book in the Dark Hollow Chronicles series, Hannah is pregnant (with Angel's of Nero's child?) and is hiding out from the U...
  • youngadult
  • gothichorror
  • series
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The Age of Waking Death by CyFaust
The Age of Waking Deathby Cy Faust
The Age of Waking Death Series :: First Three novels The Dragon's Disciples: Placed by the hands of a god into the womb of Dragoloth's royal family, Pharun has struggle...
  • gothic
  • fantasy
  • anthology
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Gothic Romance - (LGBT) by elveloy
Gothic Romance - (LGBT)by L.V. Lloyd
It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. The coach picked up speed again, and Jonathan...
  • romance
  • regency
  • kidnapped
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Diabolik Lovers: The Emo Girl by Animefan446
Diabolik Lovers: The Emo Girlby Kiera Morrison
Meet Ayame Takashi, she's not your average school and tends to stick out as well. Ayame is an emo girl and she used to go to an all girls' school but, after causing trou...
  • moreblood
  • emo
  • haunteddarkbridal
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Winterly by JeanineCroft
Winterlyby JeanineCroft
ln the wake of strange London slayings, something menacing has begun to quicken in the shadows of Emma Lucas's mind. A mind that yet clings to the notion that vampyres a...
  • love
  • historical
  • vampirepoetry
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The Witch of Long Shadows (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 2) by exlibrisregina
The Witch of Long Shadows (The Regina Saint Claire
In the Sequel to The Ghosts of Dark Hollow, Hannah is now a wealthy young heiress living in Blackshire Manor. In an attempt to keep the spirits permanently at bay to pro...
  • witchcraft
  • magic
  • coven
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The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 3) by exlibrisregina
The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Regina Saint Claire
(EDITING) Edina leaves Sebastian at the altar in Tahiti. After six months of traveling, Sebastian and Hannah return to Blackshire. Hannah decides to start a foundation...
  • wattyawards
  • featured
  • urbanfantasy
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A Wolf Who's In Love With You ( Aka The Taehyung V BTS werewolf Story) by goddessrim
A Wolf Who's In Love With You ( Bts♡♡
#2017FreedomAwards Warning : Not a cliché . And definitely gothic . Highest ranking- 110 in #werewolf . What mystery unfolds when dark raw power meets a pure ,soft sou...
  • werewolf
  • fanfiction
  • bts
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Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters by JeanineCroft
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monstersby JeanineCroft
It can never bode well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god is as improv...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • loki
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The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 1) by exlibrisregina
The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Regina Saint Claire
Wattys 2018 Short List! Wattpad Featured Paranormal story. When a stranger arrives from Europe to reclaim his estate, a crumbling Gothic mansion known as Blackshire Man...
  • scary
  • hauntedmansion
  • wattys2018
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The Boy & The Vampire Girl |BTS Jungkook x Vampire Knight| Book 1 by AliceJxde191
The Boy & The Vampire Girl |BTS AliceJxde191
The Girl that came from another world, her name is Yuri and a popular boy came in the school but he thinks this girl can be normal but different from others. Word - BLOOD
  • bts
  • gothic
  • love
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crєєpчpαѕtα zσdíαc ѕígnѕ pt3 by IhopeifuckingDIE
crєєpчpαѕtα zσdíαc ѕígnѕ pt3by Karma_is_me
  • gothic
  • clockwork
  • relatable
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Forever Fallen (Book #3) by immortalseries
Forever Fallen (Book #3)by The Immortal Series
[COMPLETED] The events of Eternal Loss have left everyone in the coalition on edge, knowing that none of their lives will ever be the same again. This has left Cordelia...
  • hiddengems
  • vampire
  • witches
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