Chapter Two

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~Chapter Two~

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Skylar's POV


I woke up, drenched in cold sweat. I couldn’t stop shaking. I ran into a corner, squeezing myself into a ball and closing my eyes shut.

The memories of the attack came again and my head hurts so much I couldn't help but let a small whimper escape from my lips.

It's been three years since I ran away from the hunters. For some reason, I couldn't remember my past. All 15 years of my past. All gone. I couldn't remember the boy and girl from my dreams.

My nails were digging into my skin as I thought of the nightmares again.

A knock at the door sent me jumping so high, I swear I just broke any jumping record.

"C-come I-in," I called out faintly, forcing myself to stop shaking.

Nate, my best friend, strolled into my room, looking worried. He was Beta Nicholas' youngest son.

"Another dream?" He asked, his warm brown eyes glancing at me, trying to search what's wrong.

I nodded.

Nate sighed. "Can I come nearer?" He asked, eyeing the distance between us. I don't usually let people come close unless necessary but Nate is an exception. I trust him with my life. He wouldn't hurt me.

I nodded again.

He came over and sat crossed legged next to me.

We let the silence take over us with Nate staring at me and I staring at the ground.

"I can still smell your fear, Sky. You don't have to be afraid when I'm here. You know I'll protect you," Nate said, breaking the silence.

"I know," I whispered back.

"Then why are you still shaking, huh?" He asked, his eyes landing on my shivering body.

"I'm weak, that's why. I let the stupid nightmares get the best of me, that's why." I muttered angrily, hating myself more by the minute. I swallowed the tears threatening to spill.

"You're not weak. You anything but weak." Nate argued, frowning slightly.

"Then why? It's three years and I haven't got over my stupid fear phrase! I refuse to let people come near me! I refuse to trust anyone!" I said, my voice getting louder.

"It's not your fault, Sky. It's the Hunters'. It is them who hurt you." Nate said, furious that I was even thinking that it was my fault that I was scared.

"It is not the matter of faults here. It's the matter of weakness. You see―"

"Skylar, do you trust me?" Nate cut in.

"Yes," I said almost immediately.

"Then do it. Trust me, you are not weak," he said firmly.

"Nate? Can you tell me the story where you found me again?" I asked, closing my eyes and leaning against the wall.

Nate was silent for a moment.

"Sure," he agreed.

"It was a snowy night, too cold for my liking, but I had to go out to the woods and find something―or someone. I got this nagging feeling that tugs my chest. I told father that someone was in danger but he as usual didn't take it seriously and ignored me.

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