Chapter One

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~Chapter One~

Hullo, this is angeloffireandblood and thank you for reading my book.

I can assure you that the book is based entirely on my imagination and not copied from others. If you think I am infringing copyright, please tell me, I would do my best to alter my story.

All characters, names and events in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

Oh I almost forgot this. In case you haven't notice, this is a boyxboy story. If you're a unreasonable, ridiculous homophobic prick, I suggest you get the hell out of here or my rainbow unicorns would bitch slap your faces... with their shiny rainbow hair... *evil laugh*

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I hope you enjoy and thanks once again for giving my story a chance.

Love, your angel...

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Skylar's POV


Gunshots sounded like explosions in the serene night. Shouting and screaming woke everyone up. I stumbled out of bed, tripping on the bedsheets. A fire was raging in the house, I could smell the smoke and feel the heat. A feeling of panic seized me.

"Shit," I cursed. A boy a few years older than me kicked open my door and helped me untangle myself.

A girl younger than both of us was looking at the boy with eyes filled with tears that threatened to spill.

"What did we do now?" she whispered, her voice shaking.

"We run," he whispered back.

We didn't bother grabbing anything as the boy passed us small and light bundles he was holding. I took a peek. Wow! He had prepared everything. A bundle of cash, food and a set of clothes.

"When we get to the door, I want none of you to think of anything else but to run. Even if we lose one another. We run. Keep running. Find another pack. Don't stop. Do you understand me?" He spoke seriously, looking at us in the eye.

We nodded.

"All right, let's go Go GO!" he shouted.

Halfway down the stairs, the girl tripped and I screamed. The boy covered my mouth almost immediately and rushed to the girl. He fling her unconscious body to his back and said,

"From now till you reach other lands, you are mute. You understand me? Not a word to anyone. No screaming or crying. Not a single sound." He spoke fiercely.

I couldn't speak, my throat felt as dry as sand. I nodded.

"You got to promise me. Promise?" He held out his pinky finger.

I nodded once more and entwined my last finger to his.

I almost broke the promise when we reached outside. The boy seemed frozen for a moment too. The scene in front of the house was gruesome. It was like as if a bloody cloud passed and rained blood. The place is flooded with enough blood to feed a clan of starving vampires.

Humans was lying, either half dead with torn clothes and long scars or torn and ripped apart. Heads, arms, legs all lay separately on the ground.

Wolves seriously injured and more lay dying or dead. Fire burned around them, raging on and engulfing everyone, human, werewolf alike. The vibrant and radient flames burned brightly in the midnight dark grounds, showing the battlefield. Gunpowder was strong in the once crisp fresh air. It was like World War Three. Plus the supernatural beings.

"Run! Come on!" The boy hissed and shoved me forward. My legs were running but my head was still transfixed on the bloodshed and the on going war.

Soon the boy changed into a dark caramel wolf and disappeared into the mass of trees, still carrying the little girl. I hesitated.

Bad mistake. A man spotted me and a sly grin plastered on his transfigured face. His left eye has been clawed out, blood still gushing out of the hole. His face was literally written with scars. His right hand was limp uselessly down his side but on his left was a knife. My stomach felt uneasy suddenly.

"Going somewhere little pup?" He spit out that last word, his voice heavy with sarcasm and cruelty.

I whimpered and shuffled back.

"Any last words?" He chuckled at his joke then glared at me.

"No... Please don't..." I whispered, shaking my head slowly as I moved back.

Stupid, I cursed myself in my head as I tripped on a tree root and fell flat on the ground.

Just as the man prepared to finish me, a gigantic chocolate brown wolf suddenly jumped out of no where and attacked the him.

"Skylar! Run! RUN!" The Alpha thundered, his voice layered with many emotions but sadness weighed it down. His command forced me to run. Run. I shifted into my wolf and ran.

Run. I've been running for days now. Run. I've lost track of time and only stopped for short breaks. Run.

My thoughts were all jumbled up and could only focus one thing. The command. The command to run. Run. I tried thinking again, harder.

My name is Skyler Gray. I'm 15.

What are you doing? I questioned myself.

I am running.

Running away?




*End of Flashback*


KInd of short, I guess, but I'll make it to you guys in the next and the next and the... *continues*


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