Chapter Sixteen

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~Chapter Sixteen~

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Sunlight streamed in through the curtains, casting a shadow of a man. He was creeping towards a sleeping figure on the bed.

His footsteps were light, soft on the floorboards. He sneaked nearer to the figure and his hands reached out.

Will's POV

My eyes blinked open, sensing an attack. There the attacker was, his shadow casted on the wall.

As he came closer, the shadow grew bigger. I breathed evenly, pretending to be still asleep.

As the shadow drew his hand, I pushed myself off the bed and pounce on the intruder.

"God alive Will!" The attacker screamed.

I knew that voice? Trent. I smirked and got off him.

"God alive Will! You scared the shit outta me!" Trent shouted, clearly annoyed at the fact that he didn't scare me, instead it was the other way around.

I sniggered. "That'll teach you a lesson."

"Oh yeah?" Trent glared at me.

"Oh yeah." I glared back playfully.

We stared at each other intently. As the future Alphas, we must not back down from a stare, no matter the level of seriousness.

With a sigh, Trent looked away. Looking away would only mean either the Alpha is weak and submissive or that he is guilty of something. Trent wasn't weak?or submissive. He is hiding something.

Trent is my mentor, Alpha Cornelius' son. He has the same unique violet eyes and dark brown hair as his father. He has the same height as me, perhaps slightly shorter and paler.

"What did you do this time?" I demanded.

Even though Trent is the future Alpha of Crescent Moon pack, he can still be a bit mischievous and childish every once every while.

The other time when he looks away from my stare was when he ate my favorite blueberry cornflakes.

Trent looked like he's just been accused of stealing a candy from a candy store.

"Well, you see..." Trent hesitated, looking at me sheepishly.

"No, I don't see,"

"Well, I just kinda stole a piece of cake..." Trent mumbled. "From *mumbles*"

"Who?" Nate looked at me, annoyed.



"DANNY!" Trent screamed. His eyes widened and looked around, almost expecting Daniel to come.

I laughed. Daniel was Trent's little brother, and as small as he is, he has huge possessive problem.

"You stole cake... from a five-year-old?" I spluttered with laughter.

"Someone dared me!" Trent whined.

I raised an eyebrow. Since when did Trent do dares?


"My brain,"

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