Fantasy Smut Shots by AbaddonAngelOfDark
Fantasy Smut Shotsby UghOmgiSwear
Sighhhh okay...we're gonna try this AGAIN, but THIS time, i wont be stubborn and have my story AND account deleted from me...i'm gonna be reuploading the story AGAIN...a...
  • tentacle
  • gay
  • wolf
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Pet (boyxboyxboyxboy) by Naturalin
Pet (boyxboyxboyxboy)by Naturalin
Finn is abducted and sold as a pet to a superior species. - I'm not good at descriptions. It's sexy, it's fun, it's scary, it's sweet. Try it! Warning: This story conta...
  • catboy
  • romance
  • slave
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The Gryphon's Bond  by LadyJennifer97
The Gryphon's Bond by LadyJennifer97
Edited by @KelseyDragon17 Anna lives in a world where by the time they turn eighteen, every man and woman must have a beast bond. Those of them left unbonded are cast ou...
  • elements
  • animalbond
  • adventure
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Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of The Sun by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Shifter - Shifter Of Cutiepie
"She only survived because the fire burning inside her was stronger than the fire surrounding her" After Edward leaves Bella in new moon, she is heartbroken. ...
  • emmet
  • bella
  • animal
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The Alphas Little Mute Mate (UNEDITED) by Nicolettes8
The Alphas Little Mute Mate ( Nicolette Sanchez
Selena is a mute girl who was captured by rouges at a young age. After running into the woods away from her family. She's human or so she thought she was. But after bein...
  • animal
  • mate
  • werewolf
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The Wolf Next Door by Moon_Alpha218
The Wolf Next Doorby Moon_Alpha218
Jake, a 16 year old grey wolf, had a normal life till Derrick, a 16 year old arctic wolf, moved next door. He starts to see the new wolf around school and fell in love w...
  • boyxboy
  • furry
  • animal
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My Goth Cowboy (BXB) REWRITTEN Alex Ben
Rain Moyer and his dads own a horse ranch in a small town called Applewood. He's grown up there with his best friend Johnny by his side for thirteen years. They hang out...
  • friends
  • school
  • horse
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The Tails of Atticus (BoyxBoy) COMPLETE by Calico_Trayce
The Tails of Atticus (BoyxBoy) Calico Trayce
Drabbles of Atticus - a young Canadian lynx living in a world, much like our own, where humans keep bio-engineered animals as human-hybrid "pets". Due to his r...
  • master
  • lgtbq
  • gay
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Various x reader by AdrienneTaylor5
Various x readerby #Slothlivesmatter
Basically what the title says. I don't own any of these characters! Or you! I don't own you. Please enjoy and don't be afraid to comment your thoughts. My beginning stor...
  • romance
  • love
  • moving
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♡ Fur, Feathers, Scales and Tails ♡ - Furry Roleplay by QuiteAWeirdThing
♡ Fur, Feathers, Scales and Why am I here..?
A furry Roleplay! If can be either romantic or platonic. I own none of the art.
  • acceptance
  • ocs
  • fun
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Mythical Academy (Undergoing EDITING) by reptileprincess
Mythical Academy (Undergoing Cate Reptile
Meet Kate. A snappy powerful free-runner, or rogue, with a strong animal side that even she doesn't know. However, being powerful pulls her into Mythical Academy. Mythic...
  • pack
  • animal
  • war
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Marked As His by itsmaigerrr
Marked As Hisby itsmaigerrr
"Let go, you monster!" I said while tugging at his hair. He let go of me, but then quickly grabbed at my hands, pinning them up above my head, while leaning i...
  • scary
  • thriller
  • wolves
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Companion (boyxboy) by Naturalin
Companion (boyxboy)by Naturalin
Kieran is captured and sold to an alien collector. This story is set in the same universe as Pet, but it can be read as a stand-alone. Warning: This story is intended...
  • alien
  • angst
  • romance
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Avengers: Vengeful Wolf by SilvermoonWolf19
Avengers: Vengeful Wolfby Silvermoon
Tundra Night has had a pretty good life besides her life working with HYDRA against her will.Now when she has escaped with the rest if her pack who decide to live the wo...
  • wintersoldier
  • steverogers
  • loki
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Given another chance as a Monster ( Re written ) by TwilightSilver
Given another chance as a SilverStar ( S.S )
A 20 year old otaku neet died out of blood loss from an accident with a speeding car. At his last moment he made a wish, " I wish I can have another chance." B...
  • bl
  • reincarnation
  • animal
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Prince Of Blood {Completed} by SaraTekirian
Prince Of Blood {Completed}by Sara Tekirian
You could know someone your entire life and think you know everythig about them.But then one day you realize the guy you're really in love with is a vampire.
  • vampirefanfiction
  • vampirewerewolf
  • mysterious
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Found in the Mating Games by HailyBougard
Found in the Mating Gamesby Haily Bougard
Loralie Bane is a 16 year old, with a normal life. She had everything she wanted in her life; got into a prestigious art school, had a job but at all changed. If she had...
  • suspense
  • competition
  • animal
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Justice 04 - Novas Espécies da Laurann Dohner by zumbicomswag6
Justice 04 - Novas Espécies da Pennywise
  • humanos
  • leiturafemenina
  • animal
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Moondust by MoonshineNoire
Moondustby MoonshineNoire
*FEATURED* A Haiku and Senryu collection. "All that we see and seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe #wattys2017
  • art
  • wattpadpoetry2017
  • passion
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Shapeshifter »» Min Yoongi ✕ Reader by -jhoseoks-
Shapeshifter »» Min Yoongi ✕ Readerby -Short Hiatus-
"Who are you?!! What are you doing in my house?!" She shouted at the unknown man in front of her. "Let me explain! Just stop shouting so much! You idiot&q...
  • suga
  • xreader
  • cat
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