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Animal Cutie (Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction) [Killua X Reader X Gon X Kurapika] by Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
Animal Cutie (Hunter X Hunter Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
(Y/N) (L/N) has a power that she had since birth. The power to imitate any animals. It would be fine to (Y/N) who loves animals and it activates whenever she wants to, h...
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Kitty Love [Avengers] by EmzieRose
Kitty Love [Avengers]by Ems ❤
When you fall asleep as a Human, but wake up as a Cat, something has to be wrong. Especially if you're picked up by a VERY familiar shaggy-haired man on his daily walk a...
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psychological facts by KaiHiwtari
psychological factsby Kai Hiwatari
Hey guys ! these are some psychological facts but dreams , Happiness, love, teenager, psychological life hacks and dreams and lots more. these will help you to understan...
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Dark As Night by Starkvenger
Dark As Nightby Starkvenger
After the Civil War, Tony was left to pick up the pieces- Or what was left of them anyway. He started work on amending the Accords, but just when he was about to make a...
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lion king┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
lion king┃markhyuckby 𝓫𝓸𝓰𝓼𝓲𝓮
╻guess what? this simba doesn't need his nala╹ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
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•MY Squirrel•||SKZ HAN JISUNG FF by Angel8833
•MY Squirrel•||SKZ HAN JISUNG FFby Angel8833
••• "Yumi, I need your help." "Well, what?" "Im in heat." ••• Dont re-upload. No copyright material.©
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BNA Michiru X Ogami Shirou  by SpootedStar
BNA Michiru X Ogami Shirou by Snowflake❄️❄️
Michiru has been working with Ogami Shirou and she developed feelings for him.. He saved her many times.. she wishes nothing bad happens to her or him.. Disclaimer I DO...
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Animal (Yandere! Arcee) by LastLightAlive
Animal (Yandere! Arcee)by LadyNebula
TFP! Yandere! Arcee x Cybertronian! Male! Reader ------ Here we go again... ------ "(Y/n), do you really want to do this again? Aren't you tired?" ------ The c...
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Gakuen Alice |〃I Will Protect You!〃 by cherrymine-
Gakuen Alice |〃I Will Protect You!〃by h i n a g i k u🌼
Mia's purpose of barging into Alice Academy is only one; to drag Mikan out from this hell hole. Sakura Mia, the older twin of Sakura Mikan has always been protective of...
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Prince Of Blood {Completed} by SaraTekirian
Prince Of Blood {Completed}by Sara Tekirian
You could know someone your entire life and think you know everythig about them.But then one day you realize the guy you're really in love with is a vampire.
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The Animal (Ouran High School Host Club) by WizzyGameMaster
The Animal (Ouran High School Wizzy
Mizura lives her life be her family's only rule. While it may seem harsh, she has no trouble following it. Then she meets the loveable Mitsukuni Haninozuka and everythin...
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Fox Girl x Reader by Holler324
Fox Girl x Readerby Razvan Catalin
Y/N's life is pretty boring and stressful, he has to do everything by himself because his parents abandoned him. He also has a very close friend named B/F/N and sometime...
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The Werecats Mate by SandyCompton
The Werecats Mateby WolfGirl94
What happens on a werewolfs 16th birthday, when they discover they're not the big bad wolf they're expected to be, especially being a member of the alpha family, but, ar...
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Born To Be Wild by Lyana_S
Born To Be Wildby Lyana_S
Sweet, sheltered Andie Newton lives on the plains of Tanzania, Africa, with no TV, no Internet, and nothing but two lion cubs for company. Until a Hollywood film crew co...
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Individual Rp by -InsaneFreak_
Individual Rpby Freak
Want to try something new? Looking for a place where you can outlive your wildest and most psychotic dreams? Well open the door to a world of creative minds and a stra...
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Rawr. (BNHA x Reader) by SmolGalaxi
Rawr. (BNHA x Reader)by Sparrow
Eeeeh. You got a quirk that lets you turn into any animal you want. Read the story to see what happens next.
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MEMES by kookiekeke
MEMESby 👑keke👑
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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Costume Codes by SnappyCockatiel
Animal Crossing New Leaf - The Angriest of Tiel's
A collection of codes for costumes made by Loki-Roki supplied here for use on Animal Crossing New Leaf. Free to use, please vote if something takes your fancy. Upd...
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Moondust by MoonshineNoire
Moondustby MoonshineNoire
*FEATURED* A Haiku and Senryu collection. "All that we see and seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe #wattys2017
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Heart in Need of Wings | Wilbur x Reader| by En_VYious
Heart in Need of Wings | Wilbur Crossed Sociopath
In the beautiful island of (I/N), there's everything you could ever want! Flowers, Peace, Kindess, and don't forget Airlines. (Art by: _levelnetwork_)
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