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Tom Riddle X Reader by bravemoongirl
Tom Riddle X Readerby bravemoongirl
Join hogwarts in a secret mission to change the fate of lord voldemort, when he was still the mysterious, two-faced Tom Riddle as you travel back in time in hopes of cha...
  • xreader
  • voldemort
  • riddle
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Eagle's Flight by onyxjay
Eagle's Flightby onyxjay
Harry Potter is more like his mother than people expected. Also being posted on AO3 Expect updates on Tuesdays and/or Fridays (or something)
  • hogwarts
  • ginnyweasley
  • voldemort
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Tasks || Theodore Nott ✔ by Aprilunicorn
Tasks || Theodore Nott ✔by Emily
"My lord, please, I'm ready for an actual task." "An actual task? Very well. You've proven yourself worthy. There's a witch in your year, Hufflepuff, her...
  • theodorenott
  • secrets
  • hogwarts
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A Master Of Mischief ~ George Weasley Love Story ~ Book 1 by xXMade2LoveXx
A Master Of Mischief ~ George Weas...by Scarlett
Maddie has grown up without her mother and father, living with Remus Lupin. Her father is Sirius Black and sometimes she wonders if he even knows that she exsists, but t...
  • harry
  • george
  • war
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Daughter of Khione by LovelyAngel13
Daughter of Khioneby LovelyAngel13
[HP X PJ Crossover] Bianca Noelle Mist is different, exotically weird. She can summon snow out of nowhere and cause things to magically occur. She longs for a boy, Nic...
  • potter
  • hades
  • harrypotter
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Not About Angels (A Tom Riddle Story) by Princesschess
Not About Angels (A Tom Riddle Sto...by Emilia Rosè Lou
How far would a girl go for the monster she loved? Too far.... .................. Their love would destroy both her and the world... She was an angel He was the devil
  • teen
  • tom
  • voldemort
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Storm Clouds by LilMissRiddle
Storm Cloudsby LilMissRiddle
No one expected Lord Voldemort to have a grandson, not even his grandson. It doesn't help that he's one of the most powerful wizards in existence. His name? Percy Jackso...
  • voldemort
  • percyjackson
  • jackson
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The Princes Doll (completed) by Geocookie21
The Princes Doll (completed)by Geocookie21
Selena Potter, Harry Potters younger sister. When their parents were murdered the siblings were separated with Harry sent to muggles and Selena was taken away, by a hood...
  • voldemort
  • tom
  • riddle
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Dark Love || Tom Riddle x Reader || by CathRiddle
Dark Love || Tom Riddle x Reader ||by CathRiddle
« Don't play the innocent, (Y/N). I know that you're as bad as me » ~~~ Tom Riddle never cared about anything. Instead, he loved to see the look of hurt in the face of o...
  • harry
  • readerxcharacter
  • fanfiction
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Kept In The Dark (Drarry) by WierdoMax2978
Kept In The Dark (Drarry)by Marcus Black
What if Dumbledore had been lying to the wizarding world this entire time? What if Dumbledore was really the bad guy who was killing everyone? What if Harry Potter wasn'...
  • darkharry
  • dumbledore
  • ronweasley
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