Chapter Twenty Two

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~Chapter Twenty Two~

Have you all been waiting for this?

Let us warmly welcome the star of this chapter... Nate Stevenson. *claps*

Please don't hate Nate! He's in a dilemma and don't know what to do!

You'll understand in this chapter...


Nate's POV

I leaned my head against the wall.

It's been three hours since Will came in and the basement was empty and cold.

'Do you know how heartbroken he is? Do you know how it pains to be rejected?'


'You didn't want him,'

I didn't.

'You're hurting Trent even more!'

I never meant to, I swear.

'Of course he will get hurt by your stupid rejection! Trent doesn't even deserve to be in this state!'

I never deserved him in the first place. He deserve someone better than me.

'You're damn selfish'

Trust me, I know.

'You are holding on to the impossible dream that Skylar would change his mind and like you while hurting your own mate!'

I don't know what to do anymore!

My wolf remained silent all this time.

Do I still love Skylar?

Yes. Not like that, just like a brother.

Do I want Trent?


But do I deserve him?


Was I blaming the whole thing on Skylar?


My heart didn't love anyone anymore after that day. It wasn't Skylar's fault. It was nothing to do with him.

It was her.


"Mommy, where are we going?" A little cute boy tugged on his mother’s shirt. He has warm brown eyes and ruffled brown hair. I recognized him at once.

"We're going somewhere fun, sweetheart, how does the theme park sound?" the woman smiled.

"Awesome!" Little Nate cheered.


"Mommy, can we get another floss?"

"Sure thing, sweetheart," the woman grinned. "How 'bout some burgers later?"

"And ice cream?"

"And ice cream," the woman confirmed.

"Love you mommy!"

"Love you too, Natie,"


"Mommy, where are we going now?"

"Oh, we're gonna shop for some clothes, you're all grown up now," she smiled.

"I am?"

"You are,"


"Could we get that pair of shorts too? I really like those!"

"Sure, you'll look dashing in them,"

"Thanks mommy, love you!" He giggled, placing two fingers on his lips then to his mother's.

"Love you too," she returned the same loving gesture.



"Yes sweetheart?"

"I don't feel too good,"

"Nate!" The woman screamed as she watched her son collapse on the ground, puking out gross looking vomit.


"Promise you'll not leave me," Nate said later on, lying sick on the bed.


"Promise, mommy,"

"I promise Nate, I'll never leave you,"

"Pinkie promise!" Little Nate raised his finger.

The woman raised hers and entwined it.

*End of Flashback*

She broke her promise.

She didn't love me.


The woman hugged him and waved. She was carrying her baggage and standing at the door.

"Take care Nate!" She smiled sadly.

"But mommy, can't I come too?"

"No, you're still sick,"


"No buts. I'll just be going out for a walk, I'll be back for your birthday tomorrow, Nate,"


"Promise, I love you Nate!" She bent down and kissed me.

"I love you too, Mom!"

*End of Flashback*

She never came back. She never came for my birthday.

She left empty promises.

I've waited for three years, three years for her to come back.

She never did.

I'm tired of waiting...

My mother made me stop loving anyone after she left.

Until Skylar came.

I care for him; I really do, but never more than a brother.

I got up as I realized this.

I got to find Trent. And fast.



I know most of you would be really anxious.

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What is Nate going to say to Trent?

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