Chapter Thirty Four

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Chapter Thirty Four


A cold tingle rattled up my spine.

I wasn't aware of the hunter a few feet away, by the time I heard the click, it was too late.

I glanced back, just in time to see a white wolf jump in front of me, taking the shot.

"SKYLAR!" I roared in my mind and ripped the hunter's head off.

Another shot rang out and hit the white wolf.

A howl of pain escaped his mouth and he changed into human form.


I ran towards him.

There he was lying motionless on the ground, his white blonde hair cluttered with dirt. His brilliant green eyes closed. His angelic face was contorted with pain.

A bullet shot his chest and the other hit his shoulder, blood was seeping through the wounds, forming a pool of crimson.

"Skylar! Skylar! Can you hear me?" I whispered as I shook him. "Skylar! I can't lose you! I'll do anything this instant if you open those eyes!"

Skylar groaned and his eyes fluttered open. He gave me a weak smile. "Anything?" He didn't realize that his word were an indecipherable croak.


"Will, I'm sorry for kissing Nate. Will you forgive me?" his green eyes looked dazed as he stared into mine. Those emerald pools were filled with pain, distraught and tiredness. I could see the desperation in his face.

I smoothed out his hair, ignoring war raging on around us. "I forgive you,"

He tried to smile, but the effort made him wince.

"Will," he began, coughing out blood. The cough was a racking, rattling cough that shook his chest. He clutched his chest and sucked a deep breath. His breaths were uneven and slow.

I nodded my head. "What's the matter?" My wolf was howling miserably.

"Kiss me," he gasped.

I swept the hair out of his face and leaned down and kissed him.

The world, for a moment, seemed to freeze in time for us. The kiss completed me, it's like finding a missing part of me. It was a slow, sweet kiss.

His lips were soft, kind of dry but my tongue quickly solved that problem. His lips tasted rusty, metallic.


I lingered a few more minutes before pulling away and Skylar gripped my arm.

"If something happens to me, I want you to know that I will always love you," he coughed again, his hand losing grip on mine.

The sadness in his eyes were more prominent, the pain that he could no longer hide was showing. His breathing slowed, needing much more effort to take in another breath.

"We'll get you back, I promise. They'll take care of you," My voice quavered, a tear tracing its way down my face. "You'll be okay, I promise!"

Skylar was no longer looking at me but staring blankly at the sky. His breaths was coming in ragged gasps. The streaks of tears traced down his face, washing lines of dirt.

I felt a cold hand of premonition clutch my heart. I closed my eyes briefly, feeling a lance of pain. The wind was in my face, driving the light rain against me. It formed into small drops on my face, drops that rolled down my cheeks. Strangely, some of them tasted of salt.

"I love you Will Hunter," He whispered. The effort of speaking was almost too much for him.

"I love you too Skylar Gray," I whispered.

He nodded, satisfied, and his eyes began to close. Moments later, he lay limp in my arms.


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