Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen~

Poor Skylar... although it's his fault, I just can't stay mad at him. :'C But I can't bring Will back either. He needs time.

But I promise this chapter would definitely be interesting! In this chapter, Skylar found out more of his past.

Well, enjoy~


Skylar's POV

It's been a week since he left.

I've been a total mess. Not like Bella from Twilight though.

Nate has avoided me at all cost. The school seemed puzzled by this as he always does things with me and is seen everywhere with me.

Now, that he stayed away from me, the untouchable freak, he was happily welcomed back to the popular status.

Now, I've truly understood the meaning of alone.

The nightmares came back and I found it difficult to go to sleep at night. So technically, I became a vampire, always drowsy during the day and awake at night.

"Skylar Grey!" A shout brought me back from my thoughts.

Mr Scott, my math teacher, was staring down at me, both annoyed and a little worried.

"Yes, sir?" I asked softly.

"Skylar, I know you've been getting distinctions for your math but I still need you to pay attention in class," Mr Scott said firmly.

"I'm sorry, sir. I will, sir." I apologized.

"Good. Now let's get back to Algebra." He said crisply, snapping his fingers to get everyone's attention.


I dashed back to the pack house as soon as the bell rang.

I was feeling drowsy at the second last period and fell asleep during biology. The only thing in my mind now is my comfortable fluffy bed sheets and marshmallow soft pillows.

I locked myself into my room, staring blankly at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to take over me. Soon, my eyelid dropped and blackness enveloped me.


"Skylar! Come out come out wherever you are!" A young boyish voiced laughed.

I giggled slightly and slide in closer to the wall. I saw his feet pacing around the room and suddenly his face appeared and I gave a little shriek.

"Hiding under the bed! What an ingenious idea!" He said, laughing.

He had eyes the color of a summer sky and sandy blonde hair.

I recognized him as the boy from the Hunters' attack. He looks a couple years younger though.

"Come on! Let's go find Ariana!" The boy urged impatiently.

Slowly, I crawled out from my hiding place.

"I bet she's in her room," he chuckled, shaking his head knowingly.

He pressed one finger to his lips and waved me towards another room.

"Hmmm..." he wondered out aloud when he got close to a door. "I wonder, is Ariana inside her room?"

A small but audible giggle came out from the room.

The guy winked knowingly at me and mouthed 'I told you so'.

He grasp the doorknob and pushed the door wide open. The walls were painted with a cute shade baby pink and rainbows and cute colored flowers and stars were everywhere.

The room was big and there is a small reading corner was fluffy pink carpets and cute cushions lying everywhere. A elegant lamp was beside a small pink reading chair.

There was a queen-sized bed filled with more pink stuff. Pink pillows, pink blankets, pink bed sheets and... a small pink hump?

The boy grinned and sighed dramatically. "Oh where oh where! Where is the beautiful princess Ariana hidden?"

The hump shakes slightly.

"Is she hiding behind these pink curtains?" He moved towards the curtains. "Or is she under those cushions?"

The hump shook, obviously laughing.

"Oh no! I just can't find her! What shall I do?" He cried loudly, grinning. "I think... I shall cry!"

He silently laughed while pretending to sob.

The hump disappeared, as the blanket fell off, in it's place, is a cute little girl.

She has sunshine golden locks and brilliant green eyes. Her cheeks were rosy and her smile was simply breathtaking.

"I'm here Taylor!" Ariana laughed, her laughter like twinkling bells.

Taylor gasped loudly and said, "Oh! I found her! I found the princess!"

He lifted her up in to the air and twirled her around. Their laughter mingled together, echoing through the halls.

"Kids! Lunch time!" A voiced called from below.

"Lunch time!" Ariana clasp her hand and squealed.

"Come on! Last one there is a big bad wolf!" Taylor joked and together we skipped down the stairs.

A beautiful lady was at the kitchen, ushering us in.

She has white blonde hair and green eyes, she looks... she looks exactly like me, more feminine though.

"I made your all time favorite―pancakes!" The woman smiled warmly at me.

"Thanks mom!" Taylor said and hugged her. Ariana joined the hug and I found myself pressing against them, feeling all warm and fuzzy.

"I love you mom!" Ariana sighed happily.

"I love all my darling babies too," she laughed and we snuggled closer to her.

"What's this? A hug without me? How could you?" A deep mellow voice chuckled behind us.

"Daddy!" Ariana squealed.

He was a man of huge build. He looks like an older version of Taylor with his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

His face has wrinkles that showed he either smiled a lot and was troubled a lot.

"Dad! Join us!" Taylor smiled.

The man chuckled and wrapped his arms around us.

The moment was perfect.


*End of Flashback*

Tears prickled in my eyes as I blinked my eyes open. My heart felt hollow. Empty.

I had a family.

A home.

A place where I truly belong.



Mom and Dad.

They were all taken away from me.

They are all gone.

Just like Nate.

Like Will.

Perhaps me next.


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