Chapter Nine

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~ Chapter Nine~

Hey there here's the chapter I promised in Will's POV!

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Love your angel...


Will's POV

"Where are you taking me tonight then?" Skylar asked.

"Classified," I said, smiling.

He pouted and tried again with his puppy dog eyes.

Damn! He knows I can't resist his eyes!

"Nice try, Skylar, babe," I tried to chuckle. "It ain't working this time,"

"Please, Will, please," he begged, his beautiful voice full of sadness.

"Nope, never!" I grinned.

"Oh Will," my mate purred seductively and place his hand on my thigh. I jumped slightly.

Damn Skylar and his touch.

"Oh Will baby, you won't say will you?" He asked.

Nope, that ain't working, but I know that if he continues, I won't hesitate to tell him. I didn't trust my voice, thus I shook my head.

"Are you most certain of you answer Will baby?" Sky crooned, running his beautiful fingers up my thigh and brushed the area near my manhood.

Damn! Damn! Damn! He just loves to turn me on doesn't he!

"Y-yes," I stuttered and at once I face palmed myself.

"Well, in that case..." he trailed. I flinched as he place his hand on my bulge and started stroking it.

Oh god. Oh god.

"Are you quite sure you still want to keep it a secret?" He asked innocently. Innocent my foot.

It felt too good, my lips betrayed me and let out a moan but still, I nodded.

He removed his hand from my manhood and immediately I missed his warm on my area.

"I'm sorry Sky, surprises are not surprises if you know about them, are they?" I said.

"I suppose so," he muttered.

"You know so," I said and a smile touched his lips.

His beautiful, soft pink lips. I want to kiss it, to bite it.

"So, what have you been doing before you came back," he asked ending my little daydream about his lips.

"Training." I said.


"Yeah, to be a good alpha and all," I further explained.


"We're here," I announced.

Skylar jumped out of the car and fell butt first to the ground.

"Ouch!" He winced.

I offered my hand but was shaking with silent laughter. I was hoping he didn't notice. Unfortunately, he did.

Skylar pulled himself up, ignoring my hand and went off into the darkness.

A pang of guilt hit me as I watched my mate's disappearing back.

"Hey! Skylar! Wait up!" I called, running towards him. "I'm really sorry Sky!"

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