Chapter Seven

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~Chapter Seven~

Hey guys! In this chapter and perhaps the next few, I would be writing about Will and Skylar's dates.


Love your angel...


Skylar's POV

"We're here!" Will said excitedly as he parked the sleek black sports car into the lot.

Will is taking me to a carnival in town. He promised that it would be loads of fun.

His hands brushed mine when we were walking to the entrance and I just know that he was itching to hold my hand.

I smiled to myself, slightly blushing. I clutched his hand as it brushed against me again. I could feel Will's stare at me as we continued walking.

The carnival is bursting with urban colors, bright lights and many, many people. There were colorful striped tents everywhere and you can see clowns attempting to juggle as many balls as the can.

I let Will lead the way as we managed to squeeze ourselves between the seas of people. We tried the rainbow candyfloss and the urban designed cookies.

We had our face and hands painted and bought some really cool chains. We got on elephants for a short ride around the place and fed it peanuts when we're done.

Will bought me a drink then pulled me into a huge red and yellow striped tent. We grabbed some front row seats and waited for the show to start.

Suddenly the lights blacked out and a single spotlight focused itself on a man in black.

He was dressed in black from head to toe and carried a cane like staff.

"Welcome to The Circe Circus! Be certain that our performance will dazzle and enchant your evening so sit back and enjoy! Let's put your hands together and welcome them!"

With that said, the one and only source of light disappeared.

Columns of flames shot up and the dancers came in first. They are dressed as ballerinas but their costume is more exquisitely designed. The rainbow sequins gleamed in the light and the glitter flowers in their hairs shimmered and shined.

They danced awesome moves with hoops, strings and rope.

Next came in the clowns running on huge beach balls. All of them had colored curly hair and a red nose.

They all end up crashing each other and falling down, causing the audience to laugh.

The elephants came in after them, their riders carrying a bunch of nuts. Whenever the great grey animals performed a neat trick, they were awarded.

The tightrope performers appeared in the air, on a one-wheel bicycle. He was balancing two pails at the same time. Soon, he cycled back into the shadows.

The trapeze was the coolest show. They were practically flying!

"Whoa," I whispered.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Will said softly.

I nodded my head vigorously and my eyes transfixed on the show.


After the show, we bought more candyfloss and stuffed ourselves to the sweet goodness.

I pulled him into a purple and red striped tent after we had our third floss.

There were many antique objects and crystal balls! A shadow lurked behind the curtain.

"Welcome! Welcome! I'm Morag the Fortune Teller!" An old woman rasped.

Oh crap. I hate these kind of creepy places! I wanted to slip away but Will held my hand tightly.

"Have a seat! Have a seat!" She waved towards a comfortable looking couch.

The old woman has a orange bandana wrapping some of her shaggy white grey hair and electric blue eyes that seemed so far away. Her tanned face was full of wrinkles and unusual tattoos.

I sank into the seat when Will sat down.

The old lady smiled at us and asked which one of our futures we would like her to read.

Will volunteered when I said nothing.

She brought a glass towards us and concentrated hard.

She shivered after awhile but relaxed almost immediately, as if to keep her emotions in check.

"You're running out of time," she mumbles. "Time,"

She shuddered and opened her eyes.

"Time. Run for time." She said simply, as if those words would greatly affect us.

"Pardon me?" Will said, confused.

She ignored him and moved the ball towards me.

Again she shut her eyes and focused on her thoughts.

"Save the world. Intercept." She muttered. Then she mumbled some more and shook her head.

"You, my child, will have to be in a huge part of this. You must intercept. You must stop them." She whispered fiercely, gripping my hand tightly.

Will must have sensed my racing pulse and growled lightly, making Morag release my hand.

"How much?" Will asked after a moment of silence.

"It's free for you two," she said, her eyes shinning with emotion. Wait―sadness? Perhaps some fear?

"Thank you," I whispered, still a little shocked from just now.

"Please try to remember what I have told you," She smiled warmly at me and Will ushered us out.

"Well, that was weird," I commented.

"No shit Sherlock," Will muttered. I can't believe he was still angry that Morag touched me!

"Hey, it wasn't her fault." I tried to say and gave him the eyes.

"All right then, I'll let this slip. Just once." Will gave in. "Stop giving me that look, Mate, you don't know how much you're turning me on now!" He growled softly.

I looked down and saw a big bulge forming. I laughed secretly and continued teasing him. I traced my finger on his neck and bit softly on his ear. Will moaned.

"You want to know what I want to do now?" I whispered seductively, making Will shiver.

I made my hands slide down his waist. He gripped my arm hard, panting slightly.

He shook his head. "Tell me," he breathed.

"Well... I want to... go home! Last one back to the car will treat the winner a pizza!" I said and dashed off, leaving Will dazed and in shock.


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