Chapter Twenty Eight

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~Chapter Twenty Eight~

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This chapter is gonna be in Trent's POV!



Trent's POV

"Would you be my boyfriend?" I blurted.

Nate stared at me, dumbfounded.

"Are we moving on too fast? We could wait, I understand. I mean, I―" I stumbled on my words.

Nate hushed me and pressed his lips onto mine.

"Yes, I'll be your boyfriend,"

"I'll take you on a real date once all of this ends," I promised.

I fist pumped the air, my wolf howling happily inside.


"They are coming!" Will yelled as he burst into the meeting room. "The Hunters are moving, they'll come in two weeks time!"

Cornelius made eye contact with Alpha Richard. "Call in all the packs, it's time."

The plan was already drafted. There would be front line werewolves charging from the front. Alpha Richard will be leading them. Then a small group about thirty werewolves will charge in from both sides. When all three are in the field another group of sixty lead my Cornelius will charge in from the back. Will and I was leading the backup teams for the front line. Alpha Taylor and his beta, Luke, was leading the backup team for the back assault.

"We're ready to win this thing!"


The media room was a huge mess. Will and Luke were sniffing and Alpha Taylor seemed to be in tears too. Nate was in a corner, munching on some bars.

"Come on guys! We will get them out of there! Be positive!" I tried to say. "Let's watch a comedy! NO! I'll tell you guys jokes!"

I end up being locked out of the room after laughing so hard.

Guess, they weren't interested in humor.


(One week later)

All the packs have come, training every single day. They were briefed on their positions.

The army was huge, consisting more than five hundred werewolves.

We can throw poison at the rogues but we can't do anything about the hunters.

I sighed and went to Everyday Blues, a club full of supernatural beings.


I gulped down the fourth glass of my drink.

I sniffed the air and immediately tensed.

Vampire. And not just any vampire.

"Trent," The voice greeted.

"Davian," I said coolly as I turned to face my stepbrother.

He still look the same after all these years. Vampirey. Sure he was as angelic looking, but so are the rest of them.

My mother left us for this bloodsucker's father, who was the King of the vampires. His mother died a few years ago and unlike us, vampires can find another mate.

"Still have hard feelings eh?" Davian smirks.

"Shut up," I growled softly.

Davian's face turned serious. "Look, I'm not here to pick a fight with you,"

I waited for him to continue.

"A few months ago, we had an attack from the rogues and they killed pretty important vampires,

"The Hunters and Rogues are calling war on you,

"We want in,"


Extras: Jokes told by Trent

Two people were walking alongside a graveyard in Germany. They heard some strangle music and so, one person asked the other, ‘Where is that strange music coming from?’ The other person replied, ‘Oh! That is Beethoven’s grave! He’s deCOMPOSING!’

Twice upon a time, there were two friends, one named Haha and the other named Hehe. One day, Haha got run over by a car and died. At the funeral, Hehe was crying. He kept saying, ‘Haha you died! HAHA! HAHA!’ But actually, Haha was still alive and Hehe awaked him. He blinked open his eyes, causing Hehe to scream and jump away. Haha, confused, said, ‘Hehe… Hehe…’


 There were two snowmen. One asked the other, ‘Hmmm, do you smell carrots?’ The other replied, ‘Why yes! How did you know?’


Teacher: Where were you yesterday?

Thomas: At my brother’s wedding, sir

Teacher: Whom did he marry?

Thomas: Mary

Teacher: Yes whom did he marry?

Thomas: A woman

Teacher: Of course he marries a woman, would anyone want to marry a man?

Thomas: Yes

Teacher: Who

Thomas: My sister


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