Chapter Three

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 ~Chapter Three~

Hey, I just want to thank everyone for reading and supporting! You guys are the best! :D

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Skylar's POV

Rays of sunlight peeked through soft velvet red curtains and gently brushed my face, waking me up. This was the first time I've ever slept this well. The floor is really soft.

I yawned and stretched, hitting something. I turned my head and saw Nate's smirking at me.

"Finally! I was wondering what I should do to wake you up, Sky," he said.

Whoa! I jumped away from Nate. How did my head end up on his chest?

"Sorry, dude, I didn't mean to," I said guiltily.

"No problem," he grinned. "Not everyone can resist my charms," he winked.

Nate is really good looking. He had brown hair and warm chocolate brown eyes that you can melt at the sight of. His smile would make your lips tug and he got abs that are perfect to rest on, not too rocky or to soft, I know because I just had a try on it

It was such a pity that I wasn't his mate. Nate's a nice guy to spend with for the rest of your life, his trustworthy, loyal, supportive and sweet. Although he constantly flirts and teases a lot, he really listens when you need him.

"Oh god, save me!" I cried, playing along. "Why am I so helplessly in love with my best friend?"

"That's because I'm just that awesome," Nate shot back.

"Yeah right," I scoffed playfully.

"Come on lets get breakfast," Nate said, pulling me up. I glanced at the clock. It was eight. Today is a Sunday and the pack probably wakes up at nine or earlier. "I'll race you! Last one to the kitchen will be a slave to the winner for a week!"

Nate loved having races to the kitchen. As the pack house was huge, the distance between our rooms to the kitchen is quite far. The sleeping block is at the North Wing and the kitchen is the at it's opposite, at the South Wing. Plus, we were on the sixth floor, the second highest level and the kitchen is on the first.

We ran down the stairs, taking two steps at a time, perhaps more, not wanting to be the servant to the other. Nate has better stamina than most wolves and could run for a long time without stopping but I was light and faster as well as agile, dodging Nate's poor attempt to block me and slow me down.

The corridors were wide and there were enough space for both of us to run but I wanted to try something new. I grabbed the railings and throw myself over them, earning a yell from Nate.

I clutched the rail then let myself go. I was falling, not high enough to my death but enough height to crack my bones. The wind was rushing through my veins and I loved the thrill of falling in the air. Then I reached out and grabbed another rail. I yelled out as my hand jerked up, thinking I must have pulled a muscle or two. Nate was still up there, watching worriedly. The distance between the ground and me was much lesser than before and I let myself fall completely.

Thud! I winced as my foot hits the ground but without a second thought I sprinted to the kitchen. The kitchen staff was already there, preparing food for early birds―or should I say early wolves.

I grabbed my usual breakfast― pancakes and sat on one of the smaller tables in the kitchen. Dosing them in thick golden syrup and butter, I heard footsteps and immediately knew it was Nate.

"Good morning slave!" I called out with a straight face. Nate glared at me angrily before we both burst into laughter.

"That was totally unfair!" Nate whined making me laugh some more. He got six triangular grilled cheese toasts; a couple fresh and iced sliced tomatoes, loads of bacon and a pile of mushrooms on his plate. Whoa, this boy can sure eat.

"Care for a cup of coffee or tea milady?" Nate asked, using a high pitch and a thick British accent.

"Why tea would be slamming, dear sir," I said, trying to mimic his shrill voice. Nate and I cracked up again.

We finished the last of our breakfast and went out for a run.

Our daily routine, I smiled to myself. Nate and I usually wake up earlier to avoid meeting the pack at breakfast. Even though Alpha Richard accepted me into his pack, the members still see me, as an outsider and that I don't belong. After breakfast, we would go for a run then we would sneak back in to do our work.

Could we take a break? I asked, panting hard. We've been running in our human form for thirty minutes flat.

Sure, the hideout? Nate suggested, not the least exhausted.

Do you like bacon? I asked.

Hell yeah!

That's my answer. I smirked at him as he rolled his eyes.

We walked to the clearing when we first met. We built tree houses and grew climbing plants all over to disguise them. It wasn't exactly an ideal hideout place but we did everything there. Play. Fight. Laugh. Cry. Everything.

Nate changed into a huge furry brown wolf and walked purposefully to me. He nudged his head under my hand and I laughed.

"Aw, baby Nate wants a pat. Don't you, cooty-coo?" I asked, failing to keep the amusement in my voice.

Nate whined and nudged my hand, more commanding this time. I laughed again and scratched behind his ears and brush my fingers against his rough fur, combing it. Nate loves affection when he turns into his wolf. He shivered and purred, his head pushing me to the ground.

"Whoa, easy boy," I said, sitting down and continued stroking him. He lay down sprawled on the soft muddy grounds as I rubbed his stomach. I soon found interest with his flicking tail and tried to catch it, earning several playful growls and whines.

SKY! I know my tail is really interesting and all but would you stop chasing it! Nate shouted, annoyed, in my mind.

I laughed and changed into my wolf. I pounced on him and we rolled around, both trying to gain dominance.

I give up! I laughed as Nate pinned me down the twentieth time.

I won!

Hey! That's because you're stronger and bigger than me. You have an unfair advantage! I complained and Nate laughed.

How about doing something that is in my advantage for a change? I challenged.

I'll still beat your furry ass, Nate assured.

We'll see, I said and smiled sweetly. The mission today is, I paused to give an effect. Climbing trees!

You gotta be kidding me! Nate shouted.

What happened to Mr. I would beat your furry ass? I asked innocently.

Oh Sky! Anything but this! It's unfair! Nate whined. He has always been afraid of heights.

I shook my head. That's the all point, Nate. You're not backing out one this one. Here, I'll give you a head start. I grinned as Nate scowled.

Fine! Be that way! Nate shouted as he made his way towards the tree I pointed to.

Well isn't this gonna be fun.


"I've reached the top!" Nate called down to me.

"Finally!" I said, shocking him from behind. I was perfectly balanced on the branch and I made a show of inspecting my nails. "I've been waiting for ages! I was starting to think that you had gotten lost!"

"But... you... arghhhhhh!"

"Come on, you've gotta be faster next time! Race you back!" I shouted and swing myself down from branch to branch down the tree and ran off, leaving Nate mumbling incoherent words as he attempted to climb down.

Shit! Nate howled in my mind as I heard a loud thud on the grounds behind. I laughed knowingly and blocked all his swears directed to me.


Nate is so funny! I had so much fun writing this chapter! :D

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