Chapter Twenty Five

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~Chapter Twenty Five~

Enjoy the chair gripping chapter...



The man was sitting in the old leather chair, his back facing the boy.

His features were in a way, similar to the boy's. Both had handsome boyish faces, jet-black hair and the same unique blue green eyes. The man, however, had much more wrinkles and his sparkle in his eyes was dim.


"What were you thinking when you left? You have a responsibility here, you can't just leave because you felt like it!"

"I'm sorry, Alpha,"

"Sorry doesn't cut it, what will happen if the pack is suddenly under attack? What if something happens to them? Can you bare all the costs?"

"It won't happen again,"

"It better not,"

My father's eyes soften for a bit before adding. "Your mother and I was worried sick,"

"I'm sorry,"

"I never knew you were gay," he stated after a moment of silence.

"You never asked," I shrugged.

"I suppose your mother would want to see you," my father changed the topic.

"I suppose she does," I stood up and left.

My father and I had a distant relationship. Although we talk everyday, it's all regarding the pack, we both didn't know what to say to each other without the topic.

To make it worse, when he found out I was mated to Skylar, he was a bit awkward with me during meetings.


"WILL! My dear baby!" My mom hugged me tightly.

"Hey mom," I sighed, only managing a small smile.

"Your father had a talk with you, didn't he?"

I nodded.

All of our talks are depressing.

"Here, have a candy," she tossed me my favorite orange flavored sweet.

I love my mom, she just knows me the best.

"Love you mom,"

"Love you too," she pecked on my cheek.

"MOM!" I whined, rubbing off her kiss.

"Sorry darling, couldn't help it," my mom chuckled. "So how was your stay at Cornelius' house?"

"Great," I smiled.

"How's Skylar?"

The name wiped the smile off my face.

"C'mere," she patted the couch.

I covered my face with my hands.

"It's just so confusing mom. I don't know what to do!"

"Will sweetheart, just ask yourself this, do you still love him?"

"Of course,"

"Then ask this is one bad time important enough to destroy all the good times?"

I remained silent.

"Go think about it,"

I was thinking about it when suddenly, waves of fatigue hit me. My legs collapse and I lay breathing hard on the floor.

What's happening?

My eyes struggled to stay awake but failed as a cloud of blackness enveloped me.


My head pounded miserably as I struggled to get up.

I was reaching for the door when it flew open. Skylar's brother was supporting another guy.

"They are in trouble," the guy Skylar's brother was supporting said frantically.

"You feel it, don't you? Luke's the same, his mate, Ariana, was with Skylar when they got taken by rogues," Taylor said.

"Taken by what?" My head was pounding and couldn't comprehend his words.

"Come, we have no time to lose. Richard knows why they are kidnapped,"


"Skylar and Ariana has been taken by rogues," I gasped breathlessly, breaking into Trent's room. My head was spinning and I clutched the wall for support.

There, on the bed, lay Trent... and Nate?

My eyes widened. Did they just do it?

"It's not what it looks like!" Trent said hurriedly, shooting a glance at Nate. "We didn't have sex,"

"Um... okay," I muttered, cringing at the thought of walking in on them while doing the dirties.

"Wait, SKYLAR IS TAKEN BY ROGUES?!" Nate yelled, suddenly getting back to the topic.

"Emergency meeting. Now." I shook my head, clearing the thoughts of Trent and Nate.

Trent jumped off the bed and grabbed a clean shirt nearby.

"Let's go,"

My heart was pounding madly. What did the rogues want Skylar for?

I clutched the wall harder as another wave of dizziness crash onto me.

"Trent, can you help?" I winced.

Trent supported me all the way to my dad's office. I smirk as I felt glares from Nate.

"Thanks," I nodded to Trent as I lay on the couch.

My dad, Cornelius, Taylor and Luke, I think, was already there, their faces were solemn, except Luke, he just looks as tired as me.

"What are rogues doing here?" Trent demanded. His serious mode turned on.

"Patience young man," my dad hushed. "I'll let Cornelius tell you what he just received," he gestured for Cornelius to start.

"I've been sending one of my wolves as a undercover a year ago to live with the rogues,"

Nate raised his eyebrows. "I thought a wolf with a pack smelt differently than one with none,"

"I had to disown him, using a old method to make him stay loyal to me and prevent him from turning crazy," Cornelius explained.

Cornelius' face was grave.

"As I was saying, he sent me a message earlier that the rogues and hunters have gang up on us."

"They are both fighting us? Declaring war on us at the same time?" Trent asks.

"No. Much worse. They are fighting us and declaring war. Together. "


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