Chapter Fourteen

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~Chapter Fourteen~

To all fans of Nate, you're in luck today! This chapter will be in Nate's POV!


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Nate's POV

I sighed.

Is Skylar still mad at me?

Will he ever forgive me?

Why did you kiss him in the first place? My wolf asked, annoyed at my daily sighs and questions.

I love him, I sighed.

Well I don't, he coughed.

Who cares if you don't?

Our mate, he purred.

We don't have any mates, so drop it, I growled.

Yes, we do, my wolf argued.

Okay fine but I've given up on ever finding them.

Why? He asked and I rolled my eyes.

I am freaking eighteen! That's why! I'm tired of waiting! I frowned.

Tsk, tsk, my wolf chided. You're so impatient.

Go away, I growled.

Fine, be that way, my wolf sniffed.

I searched for Skylar's thoughts and for a second, they were there, then they disappeared.

I waited for them to appear and when they didn't, I got worried.

There's something weird about this. About how I can't reach Skylar. I always got to him.

I made up my mind and went to his room.

"Skylar?" I asked softly. "May I come in?"

When he didn't reply, my hand grasped the doorknob and pushed the door open.

The bed wasn't slept in and Skylar didn't seem to be in his room.

I decided to try for the toilet. Gently, I tapped the door

"Skylar?" I called, uncertain.

I could hear something shift inside. Bingo!

"Skylar, look, I'm really sorry for what happened," I said, feeling really guilty.

When he did not reply, I continued.

"Skylar, I know you're in there. Please talk to me," I begged.

"Why did you avoid me?" Skylar asked finally.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk yet," I said uncertainly.

"What makes you think I'm ready to talk now?" He laughed bitterly.

"I―" I started then paused. What is that smell? I sniffed again. It smells like lavender... roses... something I couldn't touch on.

"Skylar," I asked. Finally the smell registered in my brain. "Blood? Skylar what are you doing?"

Skylar remained silent.

"I'll count to five, you'd better let me in before I kick this door open," I warned.







"Nate Stevenson, I swear if you―"


"Kick open this door I shall―"


I kicked the door open and my eyes took in the scene. Skylar was lying against the wall, his arms bleeding. Skylar was sitting in his pool of blood.

"Sky," I whispered, shaking my head.

"What can you expect? First Will leaves me, then you. I couldn't take it anymore!" Skylar said wearily.

My heart dropped. I caused him to cut?

"I'm sorry, I really am," I whispered.

"No, I'm sorry," he whispered before closing his eyes. "Bye Nate,"

I dropped to the ground catching Skylar before he crumpled to the ground.

"Skylar?" I whispered, shaking him.


I screamed for my brothers and they arrived less than a minute.

"I hope you called us here for a good reason," Brennan snarled. "I was on a date,"

"Skylar," I whispered. "Skylar, he―"

Their eyes widened as I showed them the mental image of Skylar. Riley carried Skylar out of the bathroom and started cleaning his wounds.

Brennan brought in a first aid kit and I cleaned the bloody bathroom.

"Why did he do it?" Riley asked after a long while.

"Will," I lied. I didn't want my brothers to know that I was another reason that he cut.

Riley nodded, as if understanding.

"Why isn't he healing?" I asked, panicking. Werewolves have an ability to heal very quickly.

"He needs Will to heal," Riley explained.

My heart dropped fathoms lower.

It's my fault that he cut.

And now it's my fault that he can't heal.

What kind of best friend am I?

A bad one, my wolf piped.

Thanks so much for telling me what I've already known, I growled.

I dashed out into the woods, wanted to release my anger and clear my mind.


Get back, little bro, pack meeting, Riley informed.

Sure, sure.


Oh Skylar...

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