Chapter Twelve

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~Chapter Twelve~

So here's chapter eleven in Skylar's POV as promised.

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Skylar's POV


"Are you sure we've reached this stage of never telling? Remember the best friend code? Code#4?" He asked, his eyes grinning mischievously.

Forever spilling secrets about one another's dates.

"Remember the consequence to that code?"

Consequence? Hmm...#4...

Nick began to come closer, a sly smile on his face.

Instinctively, I moved back.

"Nate?" I warned warily.

Suddenly he leaped and pounced on me. He began tickling me on the sides.

"No! NATEY!" I screamed, laughing. "NATE!"

"Surrender or DIE?" Nate asked.

I shook my head but remained silent.

"Then die it is!" He roared playfully and continued tickling me.

I squirmed and giggled under him.

Just then, the door banged open. Perhaps Nate didn't really notice but he continued to pin me down.

His gorgeous brown eyes searched deep into my eyes. I stared back, enticed. I suddenly realize how close we are. Nate suddenly leaned in and closed the gap.

I felt Nate's soft lips pressed onto mine and I froze. In that moment, I forgot everything. Nate's lips keep teasing mine and hesitantly, I kissed back. His lips tasted like vanilla and I inhaled deeply. Nate moaned and pressed himself closer to me.

My wolf growled angrily. Stop it! He is not our mate!

"Skylar?" A familiar voice choked out.

I looked up, meeting a pair of blue green eyes.

I froze.


I shoved a surprised Nate away, my eyes avoiding Will's accusing stare.

"I can explain," I whispered, the blood drained from my face.

This is all your fault, my wolf growled.

Will just shook his head, not believing what he just witnessed.

"I don't need to hear them," Will said coldly.

"Will―" I continued, tears springing.

"It's fine. If you wanted an open relationship, you should've told me," Will interrupted.

"It's not―" I began, my eyes pleading.

"No, seriously. It's cool," Will said and walked out of the room. I heart tore.

"Will!" I cried, he pause momentarily, hearing his name.

He turned around and said, "Next time, remember to lock the door," My heart shattered as he spoke.

I collapsed on the ground, staring at the door. He's gone.

He's gone.

"Skylar," a voice whispered.

I turned my head and glared at Nate.

"Why did you do it?" I snarled.

Nate flinched and for a second, I felt bad. I never got angry with Nate. Furthermore, it wasn't his fault that I kissed back.

He moved closer and kissed me gently. Before I could push him away, his lips left mine.

"You may not feel the sparks, Skylar. But that kiss truly meant a lot to me." Nate whispered.

I remained silent.

"I know Will is your mate, and you will only love him,

"I understand we must stay as friends but I just can't deny the fact that I love you," Nate whispered guiltily. "I'm sorry,"

"What about your mate?" I demanded angrily.

"I'm tired of waiting! I'm tired of waiting for him or her! I want you!" Nate confessed. "I love you, Skylar!"

"Just― just go away Nate. I-I need to be alone," I said, suddenly feeling tired. "I need to think,"


"JUST GO!" I shouted, turning my back at him. I couldn't stand watching another heartbroken face.

It's all your fault, my wolf howled. He's gone now.

The pain was unbearable but I deserved it.

He left.

Will left.

My fault...


*Sighs* Why did it had to be this way?

Well, I'm so upset now. Will left. *sniffs*

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