Chapter Twenty

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~Chapter Twenty~

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This chapter is about Skylar's meeting with Ariana!

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Skylar's POV

"They are here," Taylor murmured.

I glance up just to see four figures getting closer.

"Taylor!" One of them shouted and rushed forward to hug him.

Her golden locks bounced as she ran towards us and her green eyes shone with delight.

"We've miss you, bro," she hugged him.


"I missed my lil' sis too," Taylor chuckled and patted her head.

The rest of the figures soon gathered around.

A boy circled his arms around Ariana and pulled her away, growling softly.

He has clear blue eyes and blonde hair. His eyes, for a moment, seem to turn a shade darker and flash with anger at Taylor.

"Stop it Luke, he's just my brother," Ariana scolded and lightly smacked Luke's arm.

"Sorry," he murmured. Taylor nodded, understanding. "This is Ariana, my sister and her mate and my beta, Luke," he introduced to me.

I smiled brightly at Ariana, earning a glare from Luke.

"This is my beloved wife, Poppy and our daughter Lily," Taylor hugged them lovingly and pecked Poppy's lips.

Poppy is beautiful, with her cheerful green eyes and flaming red hair.

Lily was the cutest seven year old I've ever seen, she's got her father's beautiful blonde hair and her eyes were sea green, a mixture of her mother and father's eye color.

"Daddy, who's that?" Lily asked, pointing to me.

"He's called Skylar, honey," Taylor smiled hesitantly. "He's your long lost uncle,"

"What?!" Ariana cried.

Taylor smiled apologetically at Poppy and she nodded, bringing Lily away.

"Remember I told you about us waking up in the hospital? And that I knew nothing of our past except that we are siblings?"

Ariana bit her lip and nodded.

"Actually we were escaping the hunters that attacked our pack; we got separated from one another. I wanted to forget the past, believing that our parents, Skylar are all dead, so I kept it a secret,"

Ariana's smile was wiped off her face. Tears were streaming down her face. Before anyone could say anything, Ariana pulled me into a tight hug.

"I've missed you, long lost brother," she cried.

"Uh, me too," I whispered.

I heard a growl and immediately stepped away from her.

"Oh please, take a chill pill, he doesn't even swing this way," Taylor rolled his eyes, amused that Luke is jealous.

Ariana gasped.

My heart skipped a beat. She's not homophobic, is she?

Just when I wanted to run away, she squealed. "Cool! I've always wanted a gay brother!"

She enveloped me into another hug.

"Enough Ariana, he needs to breathe, you know," Taylor chuckled.

"Come on! We've a lot to talk about!" Ariana grinned and pulled me in.

"I'm gonna find my Poppy," Taylor called, walking in another direction.

"Bye lovebirds have fun!" Ariana called out, her voice knowing.

We could all hear Taylor's groan and burst into laughter.


"I'm fifteen now," Ariana told me, taking a bite of her brownie.

"Seventeen, my birthday's on December,"

Ariana dragged me off to the nearest cafe from our pack house after teasing Luke.

As we ran away, we could hear Luke's furious growl.

"You probably shouldn't have left him in that state," I commented.

"Well, it was funny, wasn't it?" Ariana replied cheekily.

I chuckled. "Yeah, it was,"

"I'm glad you're alive; I've always dreamt for a gay one," she joked.

"I feel so very honored," I placed a hand over my heart playfully.

She slapped my arm, grinning.

"So, tell me about yourself," she said.

"Well, there's really nothing to tell about myself. I'm a guy, I like Black Veil Brides and I have a beautiful sister named Ariana,"

"Is this what you do to lure sexy men in?" She asked giggling.

"Oh em gee! How did you find out?" I gasped.

Ariana laughed harder. "Enough with the sarcasm!" She gasped, out of breath.

"Sure, how about you?" I grinned.

"Well, there's not really much to tell about me," she drawled, trying to mimic me.

"I'm a girl, I like Taylor Swift, and I have an amazingly cute gay brother called Skylar," she continued.

"Ha, good one Aria," I chuckled.

"Aria? What's with the nickname?"

I shrugged.

"Okay, then I shall call you Sky," she cried triumphantly.


I stirred the hot sauce in my vanilla milkshake when Ariana tugged me on my arm.

"Hey, there's this weird guy staring at us." She whispered.

"No! Don't turn around!" She hissed, smiling winningly at me.

"Let's roll," I muttered, getting up.

I place my arm around Ariana and made sure that we looked natural.

Ariana was uneasy when we got out.

"Hey, smell the air," she whispered.

I sniffed it cautiously. A familiar smell was hanging on the cold air. Something from the past.

"Shit," I cursed softly.

"Rogues," Ariana whispered, her face pale.


*Gasps* What are rogues doing here?

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