Chapter Eleven

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~Chapter Eleven~

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Will's POV

I was completely drained after the last date. Now, my mind is deciding whether to bring him to a movie or to ice-skating.

Ice skating, my wolf suggested. Then a fancy dinner.

I smiled and went to Skylar's room to tell him about another date.

Pushing the door open with a slightly more force than usual, the first thing my eyes landed on was the two figures on the floor, one above the other.

The one underneath was wriggling and giggling. Suddenly, the one on the top leaned forward and pressed his lips onto the person below.

The bottom person froze for a second but responded hesitantly to him. A moan escaped.

I froze. A rope tugged my heart.

I recognized the white blonde hair. The brown hair looked familiar too.

"Skylar?" I asked, my heart pounding.

The white blonde looked up paused, his body suddenly rigid. His beautiful green eyes froze as our eyes met.

He shoved Nate away from him, his eyes looking away guiltily.

"I can explain," Skylar, whispered, his face pale. I shook my head, not believing what I've just witnessed. My heart gave another tug.

My heart was racing. Did Skylar cheat on me? Was Nate better than me?

"I don't need to hear them," I said coldly.

"Will―" he continued, his eyes watering.

"It's fine. If you wanted an open relationship, you should've told me," I interrupted.

"It's not―" Skylar began, his eyes pleading.

"No, seriously. It's cool," I said and walked out of the room.

"Will!" Skylar cried, causing me to pause momentarily.

I turned around and said, "Next time, remember to lock the door," My heart shattered as I spoke.

Will there be a next time?

I stormed off, my head filled with questions I could not answer, or even bare to acknowledge.

I growled and leaped into the air, instantly changing into a midnight black wolf. My jet-black fur shone in the light.

I ran out of the mansion and into the green forest. My mind pounded with the images flashing through my mind.

He never lets me kiss him, and now he kissed Nate?

I could feel Skylar's heart crying for me. But I need to leave. I had to get away.

Never run away from anything, Cornelius once said. I shook the thought away. Cornelius was my teacher when I was training. He taught me many, many wise things, but this time, I have to escape.

You could have stayed. You don't need to run, my wolf growled.

Why the hell not? I growled back.

His wolf didn't want that kiss, my wolf retorted.

His wolf didn't want it, I laughed bitterly.

But he sure did, I whispered angrily.

My wolf remained silent for the rest of the journey.


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