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''our STEPBROTHER is a GIRL!?'' (BTS×READER) by TigerKitti7
''our STEPBROTHER is a GIRL!?'' ( fa_duh_hxtrs
bts:y-you are a girl not a boy!? yn:yes im a GIRL _________________________ BTS 7popular and bully boys +One of their sister. Their dad got married and they got stepbro...
My 5 Stepbrothers by ImperfectOne02
My 5 Stepbrothersby Rayne🐦
Adlynn is forced to move to a whole new state with her mom and a family she never met. She had five new stepbrothers that are incredibly hot. At first she is nervous...
Step Brothers (Under Major Editing) by nightlight_twinkle
Step Brothers (Under Major Editing)by Mary
Y/n recently lost her mother in a car accident. So her father took her custody. But she has seven step-brothers. So when she moves into her father's home, she finds hers...
Bad Habit by Cendrillon1996
Bad Habitby Cinderella
Kiara smokes, drink, strips at dance clubs, she's rude and rough on the outside, searching for a cure to her broken soul. After her father decides to marry, yet again...
Playing Poker by moorewrites
Playing Pokerby moorewrites
Everyone in life is dealt a hand of cards. The player can't control if they are dealt a good or bad hand but the player can control the outcome if they play their cards...
My mother married a Capo by ElaheKarami
My mother married a Capoby Elahe Karami
Alison Harris is a normal 17-year-old girl, living her normal life with her mother. That is when her mother surprises her with the news of her marriage. Alison is forced...
You are Lee Aera. A savage, strong, cold and kind girl. Your life was normal these people think Your life changed when u got 7 STEPBROTHERS aka BTS who are top 1 Asia...
Mafia Stepbrothers ( bts ff ) by AliciaSajeesh1234567
Mafia Stepbrothers ( bts ff )by wilder
Had a bad past. a badass girl and on the other hand bts the dangerous mafia What will happen when her mother calls her and tell she will be having a new dad and stepbrot...
Mafia Stepbrothers [BTS ff] 🤍🖤💜 by xxxxx7777777
Mafia Stepbrothers [BTS ff] 🤍🖤💜by Dark Light
YN a mysterious cold girl who hide many secrets. Then got to know that she and her brother got. 7 stepbrothers. What will happen next ? Will they accept them? Will she...
Layla And Her Stepbrothers by Ksslime10
Layla And Her Stepbrothersby Ksslime10
Layla King is a sarcastic, chips loving, fourteen year old girl. She lives a normal boring life with her dad and little sister. And she's never even thought about having...
Mysterious Mafia Step siblings(BTS FF) by TigerKitti7
Mysterious Mafia Step siblings( fa_duh_hxtrs
well as the title you all know that it is going to be step siblings FF so yn is innocent,kind,cute,childish.But behind this mask she is the scariest and most powerful ma...
When life takes a turn (BTS FF) by sun5921
When life takes a turn (BTS FF)by Sun Shine
This is story about a girl Y/N , who is really cold and misterious but what will happen if one day her mom will gets married and Y/N meets someone she never expected to...
My stepbrothers~ [BTS ff] by gukcfics
My stepbrothers~ [BTS ff]by Ash
Y/N a cold, depressed and a savage girl who have a bitter past. She lived with her mother but what will happen if one day her mother will get married again. •••••••••••...
OUR LITTLE FAIRY 🥰💜💜A BTS FF by jin_hit_ff
OUR LITTLE FAIRY 🥰💜💜A BTS FFby 트립티 프리야~💓💜
Hello I am back with my new story 💜💜.. thanks for giving too much love and support to my first story 🥰🥺💜....okay let's write a smol discription..... S...
my mafia stepbrothers bts ff by RajiM2
my mafia stepbrothers bts ffby ༆𝕽𝖆𝖏𝖎༆
Lee y/n kind badass faced a bad past fearless girl, bts most dangerous mafia in world they all have a secret it will be revealed they will accept her as a sister
My Stepbrothers are Mafias (Ft Cha Eunwoo) by CuteLife281
My Stepbrothers are Mafias (Ft Crazy life
Y/N is a smart,caring, sweet, beautiful girl she is not an introvert nor an extrovert she is talkative around right people. Ft.Cha Eunwoo from Astro (k-pop boy group) B...
Brothers by Daisyluvvv
Brothersby Daisy
Anna, a sweet 18 year old girl lives with her mom in New York. She lost her dad at the early age of 10 along with a part of her heart. She and her mom have been each oth...
My two pervert stepbrother  by sarahqysteena
My two pervert stepbrother by Army_Jimin
⚠️inappropriate word⚠️ 🔞 ⚠️HARDSTAN ONLY⚠️ Being alone at home with my two pervert stepbrother (Y/n as you) (A is author) I'm sorry if it's not good enough. This is my...
Insomnia Story by Cendrillon1996
Insomnia Storyby Cinderella
Sophia: I didn't ask for my mother to get married, I didn't ask for five protective step brothers, and I definitely didn't ask for him to become my daddy. Victor: I'm a...
Stepbrother [Z.S] by multifandomgirl05
Stepbrother [Z.S]by multifandomgirl05
My what? Your stepbrother.. Where Zayn's Dad get married again and now he has a new stepbrother.Will they get along?