He's Back (Part 2)

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Wanting so badly to stop the foreboding scene, I stayed glued to my spot, practically hiding behind my mother.

"Do it! Now!" Wormtail then dropped my father into the cauldron.

'Strange for one to be in a graveyard'

"Bone of the father, unwilling given" A bone lifts into the air under Wormtail's control as he drops it into the cauldron.

"Flesh of the servant willingly sacrificed"
He takes a knife and cuts his hand off, letting it fall into the cauldron.

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken"

'Oh, no! Harry!' I cry in my mind.

Harry shouts in pain as Wormtail cuts into his arm.

The blood drips into the cauldron.

"The Dark Lord shall rise again"

Fear swells in my stomach as the cauldron bursts into flames and my father rises, reformed.

He walks towards Wormtail, who stares at him admirably. "My wand Wormtail" As asked Wormtail hands my father his wand and deeply bows his head.

"Give me your arm" Voldemort demanded, making Wormtail think that he was going to give him a new a new hand, but in reality he was just going to summon the other Death Eaters with his dark mark.

Suddenly four Death Eaters arrived in black smoke.

I stayed well behind my mother, as the scene ahead was now very unpredictable.

"Welcome my friends....thirteen years it has been and yet...here you stand before me as though it was only yesterday. I confess myself...disappointed l...not one of you tried to find me!" He went and slashed each mask of each Death Eater.

"Crabbe!...Macnair!...Goyle!..." then he went to the final person.

"Not even you...Lucius"
Lucius was quick to defend himself.

"My lord. Had I detected any sign or
even a whisper of your whereabouts..."
He started but my father cut him off.

"There were signs my friend, and more
than whispers."

"I assure you I never renounced the old
ways. The face I have been obliged to
present each day since your absence,
that was my true mask."

Wormtail piped up and raised his hand slightly
"I returned." 'And we are not happy about it' I mentally sigh.

Voldemort soon strides over to him.
"Out of fear, not loyalty. Still you
have proved yourself useful these past
few months Wormtail."

And with that, Voldemort grants Wormtail a new hand made of some sort of metal.

Wormtail admires his new hand.
"Thank you master, thank you."

'Huh, Winter Soldier style'

My father walked over to Cedric's body and moves his head with his foot
"Oh, such a handsome

"Don't touch him!" Harry shouts, struggling to get free.

"Harry! I'd almost forgotten you were
here. Standing on the bones of my father.
I'd introduce you but word has it you're
almost as famous as me these days. The
boy who lived. How lies have fed your
legend Harry. Shall I reveal what really
happened that night thirteen years ago?
Shall I divulge how I truly lost my
powers? It was love. You see when dear
sweet Lily Potter gave her life for
her only son she provided the ultimate
protection. I could not touch you. It
was old magic, something I should have
forseen. But no matter, no matter. Things
have changed, I can touch you now!"

My father puts his fingers on Harry's scar and he screams in pain whilst Voldemort laughs.

I'm finding this both amusing and hard to witness. Amusing how everyone is so on edge with my Father around and hard as he's torturing my friend.

"Astonishing what a few drops of your
blood will do eh Harry? Pick up your
wand Potter. I said pick it up, get
up. Get up! You've been taught how to
duel I presume yes? First we bow to
each other. Come on now Harry the niceties must be observed, Dumbledore would notwant you to forget your manners now would he? I said bow!"

Voldemort forces Harry to bow with magic.

"That's better. And now... Crucio!"
Voldemort casts at Harry and he wriggles in pain. He does it again causing Harry more pain.

"Atta boy Harry, your parents would be
proud. Especially your filthy mongrel
mother. I'm going to kill you Harry
Potter, I'm going to destroy you. After
tonight no one will ever again question
my powers. After tonight if they speak
of you they'll speak only of how you
begged for death, and I being a merciful
lord obliged. Get up."

Voldemort pulls Harry to his feet, Harry begins to run away.

'Yes, fun while you can Harry!'

"Don't you turn your back on me Harry
Potter I want you to look at me when
I kill you, I want to see the lights
leave your eyes."

'Well that took a dark turn'

Harry quietly takes steps toward Voldemort.

"Have it your way."

They both cast and their streams of magic meet. They both struggle.

The Death Eaters go to intervene but were quickly dismissed by my father.

"Do nothing. He is mine to finish. He's

Shapes form in the surrounding magical energy.

It's like some sort of force field.

The connection breaks, Harry runs over to Cedric's body and summons
the cup over to them. In an instant he disappears.

"NO!!!!!" My father shouts in anger making those around him take a huge step back.

It was my mother who approached him first.

"My Lord.....?" She hesitantly reaches out her hand.

He soon takes it and inspects it, the ring he gave her was still on her finger, no signs of her taking it off.

"Ah (M/n), still as beautiful and loyal as the day I left" he took her in for a very small hug.

When they let go, he soon walked over to me and Ember.

I was clutching Embers cloak, scared of what he might do if he heard me plea for Harry's safety in my head.

"My daughters, it is now time to rejoice as it's now time to take our place on top. For you to learn our ways and earn my respect. Ember! Show me your mark..." Ember slowly lifted the sleeve of her cloak to show him the inky black mark covering her inner forearm.

"Excellent...(Y/n), you too will one day earn your mark....I trust you will not be a disappointment"

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