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(Y/N)'s POV

I was standing at the front of the Slytherin stand, watching the game.

Slytherin were playing dirty as to be expected. To be honest, I was hoping Gryffindor would win. Until Slytherin could play properly that is.
Maybe I should tryout for the team next year.

"ANOTHER GOAL FOR SLYTHERIN" the bell chimed, as Jordan announced another point.


I saw the team cheer, and form a V formation flying around, until they spread out again.

Looking around the stand I- wait a minute.....is that Lucius Malfoy!?

He came to watch Draco's first game. Maybe he does love his son.

I looked back at the game and watched how Draco and Potter conversed.

I haven't spoken to the trio in a while. But then again I have good reason to.

"Ok there Scar Head!" I heard Draco shout at Harry.

That's when Harry dodged a bludger. Strange, I never saw it get hit...?

"Watch yourself Harry!" I heard Oliver call out.

That's when the bludger came back, but it hadn't been it! Someone must have put a spell on it!

It smashed Oliver's broom and he swirled out of control.

"Oh no, Oliver!" I shouted to him. A lot of the Slytherins gave me questioning looks, to which I glared at them.

Looking back, I saw the bludger chasing Potter.

He came past our stand, I tried to grab a hold of it, but it smashed my hand.

By hearing the loud cracks and the severe pain, I could tell it was broken.

Cradling my hand, I continued to watch.

He's destroying the stands!
But lost it at the Hufflepuff stand.

Turning back into the game. Him and Malfoy were conversing again.

They do know that this is a sport right? Not a soccer mom coffee morning.

That's when I saw it, the golden snitch, right by Draco's head!

By the looks of it Potter saw it too.
Oh great, the bludger is back.

Draco only just dodged it, then started to chase after Potter and the snitch.

"GO ON DRACO!" Me, Crabbe and Goyle shouted.

The snitched dived under, flying through the foundation, followed by the two seekers.

The bludger soon when after them.
"Uh oh, this won't end well" I whispered.

I could hear the bludger crashing through the foundation.

The game still carried on, Oliver has been replaced for the rest of the game.

Screaming took my attention as I saw Draco shooting out from the foundation and came crashing onto the ground in fits of flips and tumbles. He landed quite painfully by the expression on his face.

"Come on", I started running down with Crabbe and Goyle.

Not before I saw Lucius. He didn't seem to care and actually looked annoyed/disappointed.

Ok so maybe he doesn't love his son that much! Ugh I can't stand him sometimes. No wonder Draco is how he is.

Running down to the pitch, the bludger came zooming past me, and hit Potter on the wrist, successfully breaking it.

Stupid Potter still managed to catch the snitch, crashing to the ground as he did.

Making my way over to Draco, tucking my broken hand into my abdomen, I used my other to help the boys lift Draco, before the Slytherin team came to help us.

A flash of light, caught my eyes and I saw Lockhart bend Potter's hand back far.

Oh my merlin! He has no bones, yuck!

-Mini time skip brought to you by the rogue bludger-

I was sat next to Draco, holding his had as he groaned in pain.

Madam Pomfrey had given me a potion for my broken hand, well it was broken now it's just sore.

"Mr Malfoy stop making a fuss, you can go!" Madam came in with a bottle of Skele-Gro.

"He should have been brought straight to me, I can fix broken bones in a heartbeat" she nodded over to me, which caused a few of the Gryffindor team to look over at me.

"Growing them back..." she started to sort out the potion.

"You will be able too though right?" Granger asked, concerned for Potter's wrist. People can make do without the limb mudblood I'm sure he'd be fine without his bones!

"Of course I can, but it will be painful" she gave Potter the potion, only for him to spit it out.

Some of it landed on me!

"Well what did you expect, pumpkin juice, yuck!" I shouted at him as I wiped his spit off my robes with an annoyed face.

I left with Draco and the others.

Well that was an interesting game.

-Mini time skip brought to you by Dobby's sock!-

The boys said they were going to the bathroom before dinner.

So I was walking to the hall by myself.

The Weasley girl, Ginny I think her name is, passed me.

When she did, my head began to pound and my vision went dizzy.

I could feel my head go numb and darkness filled my sight.

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