Beast vs Beast

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(A/n: the timeline for the rest of Prisoner of Azkaban might not be completely accurate as I have sort of forgot it. (Y/n) doesn't go back to the hospital with the others as she spent most of the time looking for Peter.)

That pesky rat has got to be around here somewhere.

He couldn't have gone far!?

It's been 20 minutes and I haven't found him.

'Useless' I scolded myself.

I decided to make my way back to the others, when suddenly I heard a howl, definitely not a werewolf, but soon was followed by a werewolf howl.

I quickly ran to where the sound was, I passed Buckbeak on the wa-

Buckbeak!? I thought he was dead!

'OH MY MERLIN HE'S A GHOST!, ugh don't worry about it Riddle find the werewolf!'

I carried on running until I found it...

Harry's POV
Lupin chased after me and Hermione after she had called out for it.

What a stupid bloody idea!

We both hid behind a tree, praying that it wouldn't find us.

It quickly appeared in the area and we both held our breath.

It wasn't long until it found us! Rising on its hind legs, he growled, lifting its claw up ready to attack us.

We both screamed, trapped between the tree and the werewolf.

When a loud roar was heard and the werewolf was knocked away from us and (Y/n) stood in front, protectively and growled, daring it to make a move.

Lupin tried to attack by (n/n) reacted to fast, swiping her paw across his chest, he fell back with a whine, he quickly got up and scurried away.

(Y/n) changed back and hugged both of us.

"That was a close one, even for you guys!" She grinned, it looked like her ribs had healed, which is good.

I grabbed both there wrists and ran.

"Come on, I'll show you how my father saved me and Sirius!"

A/n: I know it's short, but I should have another one out tomorrow!

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