Night after

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Me and Draco where making our way back to the common room. The rest of the group where in the great hall, having dinner.

Draco said that he wasn't hungry and left, with me quickly following him since something was definitely upsetting him.

We walked in sync with each other, in complete silence.
It wasn't an awkward silence, but it definitely wasn't comfortable.

He whispered the past word, and the painting swung open. Muttering a good night to be he started to descend to his dorm.

"Draco" I called out to him, he stopped and slightly turned to look over his shoulder at me.

The first time he's looked at me since DADA.

I sat down on the leather couch and patted the seat next to me.

"Come here" he opened his mouth to protest, but I beat him to it, " not asking you, I'm telling you, SIT" I semi glared at him.

Gulping he made his way over to sit next to me. Keeping his head down and gaze to the floor.

"What? I'm tired Riddle" he mumbled and I scoffed, "you're not tired, you are going to wallow in your room in self pity, and keep clear of everyone," his head shot up and he stared at me with a little glare, "trust me Draco, it helps to talk about what's troubling you"

Knowing I wouldn't let this go, he sighed leaning back into the comfy leather cushion, "my boggart, I didn't think that was what I was most afraid of scares me" what is he talking, 'it's scares me'. It's meant to, it's a boggart!

"What do you me-" he cut me off, raising his voice slightly, "cause what if it became real! What if yo- they died and it was my fault!" He started to cry, his head in his hands as he whimpered.

'He was about to say you'

"Draco....are you scared of me dying...." I whispered with wide eyes.

".....yea" he sniffed looking up at me with red ring eyes and tear stained cheeks.

I rushed to hug him, and he immediately hugged back.

We stayed like that for a while, until I finally pulled away, his arms still around me.

He couldn't look at me, probably out of embarrassment of me seeing him cry....again.

Placing my hand gently on his cheek, I turned his head towards me.

"You don't have to worry about that, I'm not going anywhere" I looked into his bluish grey eyes, watching him lean in closer.

Our lips, so close to touching, when the door slammed open and laughter was heard.

Me and Draco quickly moved apart as Ethan, Blaise and Sasha walked in.

They all stared at us and said in union, "what did we miss?"

'So close!!!'

A/N: I know this is short, but I plan to have another chapter out of not two, today so yay!

~Verkira 🖤

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